Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Vice Presidential Factor

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is an old riddle of a doctor operating on his son, after the other parent is injured in the same car crash......the punchline being the Him is a HER, as most people jump to the male conclusion and jump over the female conclusion.

Jeff Rense the other day mentioned Jeff Sessions for Vice President. TL had suggested him months ago as VP, but we weighed the balances and found Jeff Sessions would be of greater service to Donald Trump in another area, for being Vice President is thee most worthless job in any Administration. That is not to say when I picked Jamie Beutler of Washington as the best choice for Vice President, that I was relegating her to the nothing position, because she is qualified for it in a unique way.
Mrs. Beutler is the legislative assistant to the most powerful woman in the House of Representatives on the GOP side. She has the two qualifications which Mr. Trump stated in he needs someone to help pass legislation and needs someone to help govern.

Jamie Beutler could do both in crafting legislation and working on the domestic agenda. I am not telling Donald Trump who to pick, but I lay out best scenarios to get elected and to perform afterwards and this woman is the balance on the powerful white guy ticket, to offset ugly old Hillary.

I look to Chris Christie to be Attorney General or White House Chief of Staff. He would be dynamite in either roll.
Jeff Sessions would make a fine Secretary of State or a Secretary of Defense. His talents would best be suited toward this and with his age, it would not hinder the GOP after 8 years of Mr. Trump.
It is best that Mr. Trump groom the heir for 8 years, rather than create one later and that is Jamie Beutler.

I do like Democrat James Webb too for Defense. I do not like sodomy, but James Webb is a tough SOB and that is exactly what we need. I could see Mr. Trump placing Jeff Sessions in charge of Defense and having Mr. Webb as under Secretary in grooming him for future advancement.

The mix is always hard. Bill Clinton blew his mix, because Mario Cuomo was squatted in the middle of things, and the tragedy is after HW Bush decapitated the GOP for Jeb Bush, there is a lack of talent across the board in every area, and it is going to take the few old dogs to bring in an expanding supply of on the leash 30 something adults to be groomed and to do the taxing day to day activities.

I would be thrilled to have Jeff Sessions, but we could have more. Jamie Beutler could hire all sorts of staff in the Tom Delay mode for legislation and the Pat Buchanan roll for that Beltway nuance to help her adjust to the big leagues.

It is always about balance of youth and elders, male and female, and that is what I advocate.

I look upon the Donald Trump Administration with great joy, as I do not play fake football anymore. I like the real chess strategy of this in humans on the board, as we will be able to see how Mr. Trump's mind works.
If I were Mr. Trump, I would pick his attorney and that blonde assistant who was on You're Fired to keep them close as they would protect him. I would match them with two ass kicking elder opperatives from DC, so they could monitor who was pissing in the tent and out.

There are allot of things I would do, but the one thing I can do, is to once again as in natural male bias we all look to men in positions, but I desire to remind everyone that we need the female asset in this situation also.

Pat Buchanan in the shadows is trustworthy and would provide the Nixon Reagan overview of how a White House works and he knows enough people to provide a second opinion to assist Mr. Trump.

I leave this at that.