Friday, March 25, 2016

Time for the anti Christ

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

William Tomkins on the Jeff Rense program has been unveiling for months now a mystery of the real alien world which is engulfing all humanity, from Nordic assistants, to space travel in space seed, meaning humans, massive underground tunnels across America, massive underground bases, the greys and the serpents, and how all of his demonic technology has been advancing humanity to some end,

As I have told you previously, Star Trek was sowing into your minds the reality of the great deception of God did not create you, but you are the children of "space seed". Aliens sowed humanity here and you are exactly as Battlestar Gallactica, a race crossed with earth primates.
This is by design to destroy ever last vestige of what you think is reality, so that you will follow the new enlightened religion of an illuminated satan working through it's messengers and leaders in Europe. According to Tomkins they can reverse aging, as in restoring youth to humans in 18 years for females and 28 years for maleness. This will be your last test and most of you will fail, as Christ says what will come will even deceive thee elect if it were possible.

Create chaos and from this belief rape, construct a new ordered thought.

The things that William Tomkins is revealing should have him smothered in his sleep and yet he continues on, preparing the population again by sowing the alternative reality.

Remember the lesson of the woman recounting the demons coming for her as beings of light, and her ignorant question was, "Are you Jesus", and the demon stated to the other, "Not this one". Meaning an awareness of Christ keeps this evil from possession.

I keep warning you, that there is a reason the lords and priests are breaking the system, the order, at this moment, in both economic, national and now hinting at Spiritual shattering.