Thursday, March 31, 2016

Trump in Charge

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As Ted Cruz sought to cheat Montana Republicans out of a free election in banning John Kasich from the race in that State, Donald Trump was meeting with Reince Priebus of the RNC and issued this promise:

That is what Donald Trump as President looks like and is. Ted Cruz can play the coward in threatening to drive over Donald Trump like an assassin on Jimmy Kimmel and his GOPliters can try and change the subject from the ISSUES to one of scaring women, but the reality is Donald Trump has a surprise meeting with the GOP party leadership and issues a buoyant statement

It is a reality, no matter what election fraud and meddling is attempted, that Reinse Priebus understands that he met with the next President of these United States today, and that President is Donald Trump, and he will win this past Cruz propaganda and scheming.

I do not like John Kasich, for the simple reason is, he is a socialist democrat and I am not going to vote for another Bushite again. In stating that, he is a real America not born in Canada, and as a Republican he belongs on every ballot, even if he is a criminal in cheating Donald Trump out of Ohio in election fraud.
People belong on the ticket, whether it is Bernie Sanders being cheated in DC as Hillary Clinton sabotaged him or John Kasich in Montana. If you can not win fairly as Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders do, then you owe it to the part to lose fairly like Jim Webb and Chris Christie have.

Ted Cruz is showing the world what he is and that is beyond an adulterer with a power wife that condones cheating. Ted Cruz with Amanda Carpenter lynched Ben Carson in Iowa deliberately. Ted Cruz has stabbed everyone on the back from David Rockefeller to Donald Trump to Tommy Henderson a rancher in Texas on the Red River. Now Ted Cruz is trying to manipulate women and has joined with Hillary Clinton in this task of smearing Corey Lewandowski and Chris Matthews asking hypothetical questions about abortion in gotchas. His next move is to deny John Kasich his right to be supported or rejected by the people in Montana. You are witnessing what kind of thug Ted Cruz would be with White House power and it will be amplified.

Ted Cruz lies, cheats and steals as a matter of what he is. He cares nothing of the Constitution in being a Canadian born Cuban who can not run for the Presidency.

I am not like Cruz voters who say they will not vote for Donald Trump, because they do not trust he is really right wing. I am Trump voter who will never vote for Ted Cruz, because it would be breaking United States Constitutional Law. That is the difference in Donald Trump is American and Ted Cruz is foreign, and giving Canadians and Cubans a very bad name.

We are witnessing though what Donald Trump in charge is. He is benevolent to those he defeats, but detests liars and cheats, as it is completely unAmerican.

That is the reality in this and the RNC today signaled in a secret meeting with no press release, that Donald Trump has required them to back him, and in exchange he will unite the party with a Republican Vice President who will assist in Congressional regulations and help guide the country.
Donald Trump keeps his word, as that is the word he gave months ago in who his choice would be.

I look forward to welcoming the Cruz boogers back, for I will support all of their ideals and hopes for America as they are my personal hopes and ideals for America, as they are Mr. Trumps. I simply will not break Constitutional Law to do it.

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