Sunday, April 10, 2016

and God left him to try what was in his heart

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2 Chronicles 32:31

Howbeit in the business of the ambassadors of the princes of Babylon, who sent unto him to enquire of the wonder that was done in the land, God left him, to try him, that he might know all that was in his heart.

The above is not about some sinner, but about one of thee most righteous and successful kings to ever come upon the throne of David in King Hezekiah.

God fought wars for Hezekiah, God healed Hezekiah from death. God gave Hezekiah a son to carry on his throne, God gave Hezekiah great riches and great accomplishments in public works projects.

Yet when the time came for the Babylonians to send Ambassadors to study Hezekiah's success and healing from was then that God stood back to test this man of God, and Hezekiah failed, because like Cain murdering Abel, Hezekiah showed all the wealth he had, but did not mention God.

For this God sent the Prophet to inform Hezekiah that all the riches would be removed to Babylon. Hezekiah's son would be the definition of evil in doing everything the Obama regime or Sodom did, and the Southern Kingdom of Judah was vanquished and only returned for the birth of Christ the Lord.

This is the warning to NEVER forget God. To make it a discipline that you always give God credit in every thing from your heart beating, to getting out of bed, to arriving safely home or surviving some accident. So that when the time comes in which you have been so established in God, that God tries you to see what is really in your heart, that you do no fail.

Job was caught in his own righteousness which was perfect. There was not any answer for his suffering from satan, so his righteous life was deemed to exclude him from evil things happening to him, when in fact it made him the target, so God could rebuke satan in being the weaker foe to the human made in the image of God.

Being humble, and that does not mean cowed, and being meek, and that does not mean cowardly as Moses and Christ are the perfect examples of Meekness and Humbleness, also delivered by weapon and whip, is the virtue with which we remain with God and are preserved.

Jesus carries each of us every day, and Hezekiah began like all people to think it was them walking along and not Christ, so when the tempter came or temptation came, there was no Holy Ghost curb to guide the human mind and will through it, and that same vanity of vanities appeared in "God loves me more and I am doing a favor to God in being His, because I am so wonderful".

God will never leave you, unless there is something in your thoughts, your will, your heart, which has already pushed God out.

Remember the warning and begin at this moment to give all thanks, glory, honor and will to God, so that you do not bring destruction on yourself or your people, and not utter the worst of phrases as King Hezekiah did in, "At least the punishment will not happen in my lifetime."