Saturday, April 16, 2016

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a reality in most humans, that they have right left brain, right left eye recognition in photos, meaning one of your eyes looks vacuous and the other looks sinister, and if you meld mirror the same sides of your face, you will look either evil or zombie vacuous good.

I decided to run a test on Ted Cruz, and it is interesting he is someone who does not fit the human standard.
These are his left eye, right eye mirror photos, and you will notice that it is his eyebrows which are the reality, and not his eyes.

Cruz right eye

Cruz left eye

This is of interest as Christ speaks of the eye being the window to the soul. Ted Cruz's window does not fit the normal standard of humans.

Consider Cruz cheating, election fraud, political rape of women, and yet his same expression seems to reveal that his emotional understanding is not functioning, as he has the same impish expression, that evil does not register inside of Ted Cruz, or in other words, this appears to be a functioning psychopath with an amoral nature.

It is the oddest thing in Cruz's right eye has the typical sinister slant and yet when mirrored it is absent. Then again numbers of things are odd about Ted Cruz.

Simply odd or more scientific, abnormal.