Sunday, April 24, 2016

Death of the Bush Whig and Obama Mob Rule Parties

 I was reading the coastal disconnect of Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal lamenting her ivory tower world surrounded by a people no longer liking slavery under the GOPliters, as she smeared Donald Trump and termed Hillary Clinton a criminal, never convicted, in how absolutely Bruce Chilton vacuous the paid scribes of the elite have absolutely no semblance of history, for when Jehu was called upon to overthrow the corruption of Israel and Jezebel, to the election of 1856 AD in the year of our Lord, all of this has occured before in the current revelation of Donald John Trump.

This all started with the Whig Party, a party based upon American Patriots from the Revolution, which degraded to a wealthy, east coast establishment crony group, which has no affinity with the Americans across the Appalachians, exactly as this group abandoned the Americans of Irish, Scott descent who broke free of the barriers and settled the American interior of the Ohio Country.

In this era the Southern Democrats ruled America in the property rights of slavery, standing against centralized bank exploitation, industrialist rule, and in favor of the American settlers owning and developing wild lands, and securing Manifest Destiny for America from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Into this stepped the first Republican in the heroic John Charles Fremont, who with Kit Carson liberated California from the Spanish Empire for America.

For those who champion Abraham Lincoln, he was of the old Whig establishment who scorned the annexation of Texas as a "land grab", but failed to realize that after the Mexican American War, England seized Oregon.
This might explain further the abolitionist views of Abraham Lincoln and the party he seized from the founding of John Charles Fremont, because slavery was property ownership which was the base of Southern domination of the Whigs, and by breaking slavery, the elite clique would break the South and establish the exact rule of the few over the many, now subdued by war.

One can see in the tears of establishment Peggy Noonan her weeping for the Bush Whigs which hijacked the Party of Nixon and Reagan of the Silent Majority and gagged it, leading it into wars and repression, the exact mirror image of an arrogant dictatorial elite who exchange rule with the same patrician democrats all feeding off the American People.

Noonan can make claims, but this is nothing new in America about parties abandoning the people and the people destroying the despots of party. Thomas Jefferson founded a mob rule party which abandoned the people and almost destroyed America, until Democrat Andrew Jackson rose up and saved America and the People.
Theodore Roosevelt would rise up to save America from the GOPliter rule, just as Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan would arise to save America again, exactly as Donald Trump now is poised to save America again from the ravages of the down trodden millions in America exploited by the GOP and abandoned by Obama democrats.

What American in their right mind would shed a tear over the demise of sodom Democrats and sodom Republicans who have done nothing but criminalize the People and loot from them, favoring only the conglomerates to bring America to utter ruin.

This ilk from foreigners Obama and Cruz, to sodomites like Kasich and Clinton, are the antithesis of America, and it is no wonder that terrified Democrats being brainwashed by leftist education are huddled behind Bernie Sanders as some communist shield who will protect them from even the injustice their perverted minds can understand.

Barack Hussein Obama created the American Slave State. Both parties gagged the Silent Majority, and are in the act of American genocide against Americans, by importing Muslim and Mexican invaders, to be followed by robot replacements, so those in the 1% will no longer have to deal with stealing elections.

This is nothing to shed a tear over. The Democrats have not produced an Andrew Jackson, but the Republicans have produced a John Charles Fremont, and this time he will like Jehu deliver Americans not to civil or global war but the manifestation of American Destiny.

This is the time to celebrate, to cheer good people's hearts, that America is not going to be dragged nor seduced into World War IV nor made barren of her race as Donald Trump will protect Americans from the evil foe.

The sooner this Whigism is vanquished from America is the sooner that Jefferson mob riot will be set aside and the American majority will govern a Republic again with minority rights and not suppression of all of our Rights.

It is time for the Whig and Democrats to die the death, and to let freedom ring in secure borders for Americans, about Americans and of Americans. It is time to make America great again. It is time.