Tuesday, April 12, 2016

F is for Fix it not Fighter jet

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Most of you will not be aware of the 5th Generation aircraft which the US Air Force has developed, or what was the 4th generation, so I am going to put this in layman's terms as this needs to be understood as to what the Obama regime has engaged in, in destroying the American Fighter Aircraft industry in America.

Enough of you have glimpsed American fighter aircraft in the F 16 and F 18 which are Naval and Air versions of the same craft, as much as the F 14 and F 15 are the heavy or bomber version of the fighter aircraft.
These fighters were the best and with the correct platforms are good aircraft, but not superior now to the Russian new lines which look a great deal like American aircraft.

The replacement for the older fighters and bombers was supposed to be the F 22, a double engine aircraft and the F 35, which is a single engine aircraft. Because of cost over runs and parts, it was deemed America would produce one platform aircraft and it would be the 35.

The 35 was produced by Lockead Martin, in being chosen over a very ugly Boeing design, which looked like the old bombers that John McCain flew  off of carriers.

The 35 was to be revolutionary in it came in 3 pieces. The hind piece bolted into a solid titanium frame as di the front piece. The craft was to come in 3 forms. Air Force in standard, Marine in being able to take of and land without a run way, and the Naval craft for carrier operations.

The Marine version was like the old Harrier jet the British manufactured, but instead of rotating nozzles, it instead has a drive shaft which changes engine motion to 90 degrees at an extreme rate of speed for a fan.

The problem for the 35 is the first testing of it, was quite well and it looked like a trusted aircraft, but since Obama took control of the Pentagon, Pratt Whitney on engines and Lockhead on craft, have done nothing but milk the system, and this jet which once was said to be a stallion, is revealing that it is not as maneuverable as the Russian advanced generation craft, and due to Stealth modes, this aircraft can not house enough weapons to be a threat.

The 22 which America does have in inventory, is running into like problems as it is too much aircraft for pilots. Pilots are reporting coughing spells and feeling faint after flights. What it appears to be is a form of the "bends" in the air as people in deep water get. The craft's pressurized oxygen system seems incapable of overcoming the poisoning of the pilot, which is not exactly a good thing for America to be killing it's own pilots.

This 5th generation was meant to bridge the gap between pilot and drone craft. The next age of fighter jets, unless the anti gravity flying devices are revealed, are going to be unmanned, as people can no longer cope with G force pressures these engines in these aircraft generate.  The 22 appears to have crossed that line, in these composite, part metal and part plastic craft.

In noting this disaster, something is going to have to be done to "fix" this disaster, or to make lemonade out of lemons.

It is ridiculous for the backers of the 35 to rely on advanced electronics, as the systems now employed have glitches galore, and the more complicated a system becomes, the less reliable or more easy to defeat it will be in actual warfare.
There is the much told story of the American Aegis cruiser sent into the Black Sea to piss on the Russians, and the Russians sent up one aircraft, which had the jamming codes for that state of the art ship, and it turned off the entire ship. A billion dollar ship, left defenseless in  Russian waters as a message. Thank God that was not in war, or America would have had every ship boarded, and turned against America in 5 minutes.

That is the reality of these electronics, and to rely on them, instead of the one thing a fighter jet is to have in speed and maneuverability is creating defeat.

The best solution to this and is why I am writing this piece is the American Air Force is going to have to find a better gun. I explain this, in this way. The German Air Force for years only operated the Vietnam Era F 4 Phantom fighter bomber. It was a lovely, stable, and deadly platform, which flew without error.
What Germany did, instead of upgrading to F 15's was to simply increase the smart weaponry and the electronics.

There is limit to this in the 35, as it literally has no room for anything heavy, but in that, the Air Force is going to have to place on board these aircraft lasers and pulse weapons. If the F 35 can not outfly or out run a Eurasian fighter, then it is going to have to be like the British with their Harriers in the Falklands in acquire their Argentinian French made counterparts at greater distance and shoot them down out of range.

That is the only remedy in this for the 35. No missile system can be miniaturized enough to produce the type of power which is necessary, as suitcase nukes number 6 on a 35 is going to create a response not desired, and the costs would be prohibitive. So the only solution is to put a Star Trek type phaser strobe on the top and bottom of this craft and wait for the John Wayne unmanned fighters to come online, as the 35 is outclassed by the Russian 5th Generation.

It is not just the stupid problems that the 35's ejection seat will break the neck of pilots under 135 pounds. I mean, you have the design perfected in fighters already, so what in the hell are they making a system that breaks pilots necks for? Cockpits are cockpits and that is how ridiculous this has all become, in there has not been one Pentagon minder from the Obama regime who has not been doing anything to guide this process to make it economical.


As for the 22, the best fix is to go over to General Dynamics, who makes the F 15 and F 16, and get their atmospheric system and put it into the 22 to see if that will keep the pilots from being disabled.

This is frustrating, as it seems America needs somebody from the old days, to drive up to Pratt and Lockhead, pull some goddamn executives out of their offices, line up the rest of these lemmings, tell them something like, "You people are fuck ups on this F 22 and F 35, and you are going to fix it in 3 months or this is going to be your retirement package.", and then produce a Colt 45 and shoot 5 of these fuckers in the head.
As the stunned egg heads and Pentagon pimps recover in thinking they can call the cops, I personally would announce, "For those of you thinking you are going to call the cops, "another few people would be head shot, "I have news for you, that you are all now nationalized in your security clearances and under the death penalty if you breathe a word of this, and furthermore, this security clearance says that I can terminate you, your fucking dog and your butt fucking wife, and I will get a medal for it. Now get your asses back to work or when I come back, all of you are going to get the retirement package and it ain't Obamacare".

It is not hard to fix things when crooks are not left to run things, and crooks in the Obama regime are not left handing out cash.

America can not put it's trust in computers to save a jet which is a slow platform that is undergunned, or trust in a jet which is disabling the pilots.

Once you get the first problems fixed, then you start on "pods" for extra fuel and expanding the offensive capability.

I leave this at that. We are stuck with this and need it patched, because once it breaks, it is going back to the old jets which were proven as all the higher tech jets fall out of the sky as they are too complicated to maintain.

The patch is flying lasers in miniaturized drones, attacking in swarms to overcome defenses and to destroy the target.

Nuff Said.