Sunday, April 3, 2016

It is not about Fear but it is about the Illusion

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“When the people fear the government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is freedom.”

 It is never about fear, it is about forcing the system to violate their illusion of control by their reaction, in the people no longer fearing and triggering reactions."

-Lame Cherry

We are prisoners in a world of our own making in the absence of walls we are brainwashed that this is freedom as the regime holds over us the visual walls of prison. The police state is a state of the mind and not of reality.

Shawna Cox, the documentarian of the Murder of LaVoy Finicum, a 59 year old woman, triggered the regime to reveal the illusion.

According to US District Judge Robert E. Jones said, “She’s not going to make any public comment, at all, period, or she could sit in jail.”

The reality in this situation is the regime is not in fear, but the regime is losing their propaganda control in the court of public opinion in railroading these Patriots into prison for life, and their losses are based completely in Shauna Cox.

It was not the Rense Program interview or anything else, but it was the latest Truths which Shauna Cox illuminated the world with, and this is it:

Everyone that I’ve spoken to believes there was a mole and that he was in the convoy on the day of the arrests. According to my sources, this man was carrying a gun in the vehicle. Yet, within a very short period of time, he was allowed to go free. This raised suspicions among many people and this same person was one that I provided his video commentary on and immediately thought that he didn’t sound believable. His name is Mark McConnell.

US Attorney Craig Gabriel focused on a Youtube video which Shauna Cox released in discussing the case and pointing to the MOG (minder of government) Mark McConnell.

Everyone knows that McConnell was a mole, but there is something in this which the one dimensional human mind is missing, and that is the BATFE bragged after Hutatree that they had hundreds of moles and hundreds of groups under surveillance.
The evidence of the Governor of Oregon's emails which were released gives proof that the murder of LaVoy Finicum was already in the works weeks before the event. The FBI is not going to run a major operation as this one without more moles than you could find trees to hide behind. There were more moles than Mark McConnell, and by the reaction of the FBI over this public affirmation in who McConnell is, and that he has not "died on the vine" to cover up the FBI link as moles do, it appears something more in this by the visceral reaction of the federales, that Mark McConnell is concluded to be an equal to Greg Bretzing, as this was Special Agent Mark McConnell of the FBI in a deep undercover operation.

The way Ammon Bundy was set up to be apprehended as a trophy. The way an armed McConnell was set free to immediately put out FBI lies that LaVoy Finicum was at fault when McConnell could not have witnessed anything he was posting on Facebook, points directly to this was an FBI agent knowingly posting disinformation to mislead the public, as other FBI agents on the scene were caught in a cover up of evidence and lying to Deschutes County investigators, and we know absolutely now from LaVoy Finicum's Reverse Speech, that he had no weapon, and therefore the conclusion is another FBI mole at the Refuge stole Mr. Finicum's 9 mm Ruger and the FBI then placed that weapon in the jacket of Mr. Finicum.
As Mr. Finicum was left to die in the snow deliberately, and we know this from Oregon State Police testimony to Deschutes County investigators, the absolute verdict is the FBI conspired to murder LaVoy Finicum and used Mark McConnell in the cover up.

In forensic psychology, there is never such a thing as a psychological action, because every action is a reaction to some other psychological event. The main focus in this is, for a US Judge to have appear US Attorney's appearing in court to silence a 59 year old, harmless woman, there must be something she was engaged in, which was exposing the illusion that the regime was in control as the situation had spiraled out of control.

The first thing which caused the Department of Justice to react hard, was Shauna Cox talking, as that talking was convicting the regime, and  the one weak point the DoJ was seeking to protect was this Mark McConnell.

This FBI Agent's part of the Gregory Bretzing multi layer operations was to be the driver, stop the vehicle in which Ammon Bundy was riding, and create his capture.

Oregon Standoff - Rancher Lavoy Finicum Shot Dead by Police

Oregon Standoff - Rancher LaVoy Finicum Shot Dead by Police Written ... Another vehicle driven by Mark McConnell included Ammon Bundy ...

You must understand this, because all are missing the point in, the FBI has thousands of agents and moles. There was pre-planning in this by evidence, and the reality was for McConnell was under orders to be a driver.
That is what Ryan Bundy was recorded saying, "They should have never stopped", as that is what set the events in motion, which LaVoy Finicum was flushed to the ambush.
So you get the point, when the FBI made certain someone was driving the vehicle Ammon Bundy was riding in, it is a fact that if the FBI did not want LaVoy Finicum driving a vehicle, then measures would have been taken to disable that white pick up, and an alternative vehicle would have been provided, as the FBI was managing this operation in detail.
On this reality, the proof is that the FBI wanted LaVoy Finicum driving that vehicle for events to unfold exactly as they did.

If one reads the Deschutes County investigation, the reader soon notices that Mark McConnell literally disappears from the testimony by the Oregon State Police. They go into great detail about guns, mention Cavalier, Buddha and Ammon Bundy, but the driver McConnell is scrubbed from the report. Meaning the Oregon State Police withheld information in a cover up which is a criminal act.

The reason all of these Patriots are in isolation and are having gag orders put on them, is because after the initial MOD squads with their trolls ran through the "shoot the Bundy's postings", the information being assembled before the public is creating what CIA Director William Colby's main concern was in more people in the majority do not trust the government.

The more information which appears, causes a build up reaction from the regime, as the public starts noticing situations, as one FBI agent driving Bundy so why not someone driving Finicum? Why make Bundy a court trophy and why make Finicum a terror tactic in his murder.

We have reached a plus minus cause and effect. Those involved in protecting the system are placing gag orders, due to what appears in their superiors are under orders to fracture the system, in order to create greater disorder, as that is what the murder of all LaVoy Finicum was supposed to spark.
There was supposed to be a gun fight, and we know from the Miami Herald that the talking points were a lie to make it seem that the Patriots fired on law enforcement, but that never took place.

Gunfire broke out when the FBI and the Oregon State Police intercepted Bundy and several of his supporters on a rural stretch of U.S. Highway 395 about halfway between the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and the town of John Day.

That is a damn lie, and it was pre-signed off on talking points, exactly like the deceptions the FBI allowed to post by the hand of their agent Mark McConnell. There was never any firing except from law enforcement, but only in the situation where Mark McConnell was not present and LaVoy Finicum was present.

This was to be a situation of an expanded crackdown by force, and we again know from the latent response by DOJ in compiling multiple late charges of 2014 AD in the year of our Lord, that none of these Patriots was ever supposed to be charged, but were to be swept up in execution squads to eradicate this "problem".  The MOG spikes all over the internet point to this, in the constant chant of shoot all the Patriots. The public was being prepared on pre-arranged orders of what was supposed to take place.

Now Shauna Cox and her court are in the process of putting a finger in the dike, when water is pouring through the entire dike, because the continuity of control is being deliberately disrupted by the court's superiors, who desire all of this.

The DoJ is trying to keep control and by reaction are exposing the illusion. The illusion being exposed is by design from those who appointed Judge Robert E. Jones and he is not in on the operation, as he is still protecting the system which empowers him, but his employers are seeking to remove those barriers so there are no lines of separation between the mob with guns and the police state with guns.

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