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Ode to Gordon Kahl

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John DeCamp of Nebraska has been the John Adams attorney of this era, in defending Americans from being railroaded by the system. He wrote a detailed book about a variety of major events which have touched all of our lives and I would recommend your reading it, as it is a free download at

The subject I desire to teach on in this post is to fill in the story of an affidavit that Mr. DeCamp received from Gordon Kahl in his murder by the federal government. For those unfamiliar with Gordon Kahl, he was the original Tea Party movement, and all of the other movements in America in becoming their spokesman.
He gained too much attention in not believing income taxes were legal, and for this he was imprisoned, served his time, and became a festering sore in North Dakota, so a designed hit was put out on him by the federals in a set up much like which took out LaVoy Finicum.

The difference is that Gordon Kahl, was a fat old man, but a hunter and a decorated war hero. At the moment when the federals thought they were murdering him, they were really shooting his son on the ground, and at that moment Gordon Kahl stood up, and it will take longer to type this than what happened, but Mr. Kahl in defending his son, killed or incapacitated the entire ambush team, which fired on these Americans first, as they were screaming at the Kahl's about "blowing their damned heads off".

Gordon Kahl went into hiding and this is where the story begins in Missouri four months later in the middle of April, in my explaining what really was taking place in the official reports and the things which Mr. DeCamp revealed.

Mr. Kahl had moved to Missouri and was in refuge with a person named Leonard Ginter. Mr. Wade, another movement member, had heard that the federals were closing in, so Mr. Ginter moved Mr. Kahl to the home of Art Russell.
Mr. Kahl would stay the Russell residence until the end of May 1983.

On June 2nd, Gordon's son, Yori, had been convicted in North Dakota after surviving multiple gunshot wounds from the officers, and not having resisted them. Mr. Kahl expressed his concern for his son, and desire to surrender in order to help his son.

On June 3rd, Leonard Ginter left the home at 5:15 without explaining where he was going, got into his vehicle and was apprehended by FBI Special Agent James Blassingame.
Kahl was seated at the table having dinner, and preoccupied with  the news which was coming on at 5:30 to get word about his son.

Leonard's wife, Norma, heard a noise outside and went to check on it, and was grabbed by Sheriff Gene Matthews, and told to be silent, handcuffed and taken to join her husband now at the side of the house in custody of Agent Blassingame.

At this point, Sheriff Mathews and US Marshall Hall entered the house with pistols drawn. Missouri State Police Investigator Ed Fitzpatrick remained outside armed with a pump shotgun.
Mr. Kahl had his back to the door, and was preoccupied, when Sheriff Mathews stepped into the kitchen and fired his 41 magnum revolver into the back of Gordon Kahl's head. The shot was instantly fatal and Mr. Kahl was in impact and death convulsions thrown to the floor.

Within minutes of this, Missouri State Police Investigator Ed Fitzpatrick, cut loose in blasting four or five shots shattering the kitchen window. Sheriff Mathews was struck by pellets and glass while he was standing outside on the patio.

The events took place in two to three minutes, and Sheriff Mathews then remained in the house for around thirty minutes as the Ginters were moved 50 feet west of the house, where they were thrown down on the ground and FBI Agent David King pointed his gun at Ginter and started screaming repeatedly, "I am going to kill you, you son of a bitch".

The Ginters were moved further from the house for a time, in an area where Leonard Ginter had removed a large boulder, and during this entire time, law enforcement were discharging their weapons continuously into the house.

The Ginters were moved again about 250 feet away from the house, handcuffed to a police car, at which FBI Special Agent Blassingame began questioning Ginter about "if Gordon Kahl was clean shaven?"
Ginter replied that the man in the house was clean shaven, and Blassingame then returned to house.

Around 6 pm an unidentified law enforcement officer opened up from a hill next to the Ginters upon their home again. Ginter reported two shots sounded like that of a bullet impact on a deer in hunting, which was by the corner of his garage, and immediately all of the law enforcement began yelling that Sheriff Mathews had been shot.

An autopsy on Mathews revealed he had glass and pellets in his bullet proof vest in being shot by the Missouri State Police and another shot in his side, as was testified in trial by FBI Agent Downing.
A police car was dispatched and drove down to Mathews, picked up the body and drove back to the location where the Ginters were located. The Ginters could see Mathews was dead as no one was attending to him in the back seat.

At this point, the police radio was overheard by the Ginters in revealing that Bill Wade had been shot. This is where the story becomes even more dreadful in its implications, as the law enforcement there believed they had shot Bill Wade and not Gordon Kahl.

We have to review the events at this point, in noting the FBI was agitated in asking about if Kahl was clean shaven. That points to an informer had described Gordon Kahl as having a beard, and that is what the FBI was looking for. I am going to point something out now in what you have missed in this, and it is the reality that the FBI could not identify Gordon Kahl, because Sheriff Mathews 41 magnum at point blank range with jacketed hollow point bullets had done a John Kennedy explosion to all of Gordon Kahl's face. The hydro transfer of energy had blown out the front of his head and all the FBI had to go on was a beard or shaved face.

Now put yourself in the FBI's position. They just let a Sheriff enter a home in Missouri, who did nothing to capture Gordon Kahl or Bill Wade and murdered him with one round to the back of the head as a US  Marshall looked on.
Reminiscent of what took place against LaVoy Finicum.

Move forward in this time line now to Sheriff Mathews is on the patio, having related that he just murdered a suspect in a nationwide manhunt who was unarmed. The Missouri State Police then open up with a shotgun blasting in the kitchen window which wounds Mathews, to make it look like there had been some type of resistance.

Sometime from the shot which murdered Gordon Kahl, to a later event of fuel being poured down the vents into this house, to set it on fire, at least one if not three of Gordon Kahl's appendages, one hand and two feet were cut off his body.

Remember now Kahl had been murdered. The FBI was agitated in they thought that Mathews had just murdered someone unrelated named Bill Wade, who had at that time been contacted by friends listening to police scanners to find out if he was alive or dead, and Bill Wade answered the phone, stating it was not him........that it was not Bill Wade, but it was not someone an informant was saying was Gordon Kahl either as this person was clean shaven.

The law enforcement were firing into the house to make it look like a firefight. Somewhere in this time we know that someone in law enforcement was removing the hands and feet of the corpse to make identification impossible.
That process was stopped, and that indicates that Sheriff Mathews was engaged in removing the feet and hands of the body in this cover up, and was then called outside whereby he was murdered by the sniper on the hill, as it appears the Sheriff had begun an attempt to cover his crime up, was stopped by a horrified FBI, which now had on its hands of the greatest manhunts in US history, where a local Sheriff who was supposed to assassinate Gordon Kahl, murdered the wrong man, and now this Sheriff had started cutting off body parts which would be impossible for Special Agent Blassingame to cover up.
Someone had their head blown off in murder as the FBI and US Marshals looked on, there was now a cover up of agents shooting at the house to put holes into it. The corpse had no powder burns or weapons, and now the corpse had body parts cut off.

Another body was needed, and it was the body of the Sheriff who had snapped or was a psychotic, and the FBI being in charge of this operation, ordered whatever officer it was on the hill, to shoot the guy coming out of the door.

Two hours later the Ginter's saw City of Ravenden, Marshal Tom Lee appear with two five gallon cans of fuel which he stirred behind their location. He then went to the roof of this underground house and poured the contents down the vent hole.

Smoke grenades and tear gas canisters were thrown in to ignite the fuel. Tom Lee testified that the FBI had ordered him to do this, two hours after Sheriff Mathews had blown the head off of the victim.

The Ginters were then taken to the top of a hill, where they witnessed their house was ablaze.

In the aftermath, Gordon Kahl's body was badly burned, but it was found in autopsy that someone had poured some type of fuel on his body too, as the few gallons which Tom Lee poured into the house would not account for the kind of charring the body experienced.

If one examines this, it is an obvious cover up of a murder and more heinous crimes, but it also eludes to a point in what if the FBI thought there might be a safe room in this underground type home, and they poured the fuel inside to literally bake and suffocate anyone who might be hidden in a safe room.

It is certain the FBI was trying to cover up a murder, and another murder of the murderer was instigated, but again in a benefit of a doubt, did the FBI still believe Gordon Kahl was alive and the sniper on the hill seeing Mathews emerging around the garage, might have been mistaken for Kahl coming out of hiding and he was murdered in being armed.

In light of the heinous actions of the above in the police state out of control, the events of Oregon undertaken by Special Agent Gregory Bretzing are nothing unique. They follow the exact pattern of Waco in burning children alive to cover up the evidence in the Branch Davidians were fired on first, and the fact that at Ruby Ridge a child and his mother were murdered, along with the family pet by this same police state.

Gordon Kahl was set up for execution in North Dakota, and he responded by firing upon the police state who were in the process of murdering his son, and murdering Mr. Kahl and two others on the scene. What took place in Missouri, was pure murder, without any doubt, and it was overseen by the FBI and watched by the US Marshals.
There was not only a cover up, but a cutting off of body parts, somehow a Sheriff was either murdered to cover up the murder or another murder took place in the sniper was murdering who he thought was Gordon Kahl, and then in testimony the FBI was exposed as ordering the incineration of this home, either to bake Gordon Kahl alive inside where he was hiding or to only cover up the murder of the body the FBI did not seem to know who was laying on that floor dead.

This makes one sickened to the stomach to read of these events and know that the people who are supposed to be protecting and serving us, in we employ them, engaged in these criminal acts, without any excuse.

We may never know for certain what the identity of the person was who had their head blown off. We can speculate that perhaps Leonard Ginter was the informant on Bill Wade, and alerted law enforcement to Kahl's location on their property, because there is that cloud hanging over this, in with two murders on this property, why were the Ginter's left alive, unless they were working for the authorities and that is why Leonard Ginter left the house unexpectedly.

The story of Gordon Kahl though is something which is one of the greatest cover ups in history. It is not a lone event. George Custer exposed government crime and was murdered in Montana. George Patton resisted the new world order and was murdered. Gordon Kahl had infuriated local politicians and had two murderous attempts on his life. LaVoy Finicum is the latest American martyr in the state eating their own.

Even with the jaded reality of sodom America, the events in 1983 are still repulsive, and becomes more so, when this entire outlaw situation is known.

Gordon Kahl's wife and neighbor attempted to pay the taxes he owed to the IRS. The IRS said it did not have the numbers because no filings were made, so they instead confiscated his farm, and then some informant filed a report that Kahl and another North Dakotan had machine guns and were going to shoot the Sheriff, which was absolutely false.

These things have to be exposed, so that people are aware of them, as there is far too much blackmail and murder going on in the American police state. It never stops those in power from engaging in them, but it educates the public to not make themselves a target, and it really does matter who you vote for when a real American is raised up by God.

When I think of the meadowlark
Or of the prairie pippit call
It takes me back in shadow dreams
To the life and death of Gordon Kahl

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