Monday, April 25, 2016

Ted Cruz calling for Donald Trump's blood

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The latest Reverse Speech exclusives from David John Oates are disturbing in the extreme. This starts out with the reality of Ted Cruz in the last days focused on shedding Donald Trump's blood.

Ted Cruz is speaking of Donald Trump's campaign assistant Manafort.

......I make this blood (Cruz is after Donald Trump's blood)

.......Trust the blood

......He'll miss the blood 

According to David John Oates, this is Cruz's subconscious speaking of being out for Donald Trump's blood. This is particularly disturbing in Cruz is couching this in in visceral terms of violence. Cruz is filled with hate and he literally is stating now that having lost to Mr. Trump, that Ted Cruz being bested by American Donald Trump is in a rage for Mr. Trump's murder.

Something follows in John Kasich reversals which is as disturbing as Cruz's rant, and that is John Kasich is talking about being an employee of the mob and is calling for a gun to end the campaign verbal exchanges.

There is again the "deal" or "deals" being mentioned, which Reince Priebus was focused on in this. Priebus spoke of Muslim terror funding, and now Cruz is focused on Mr. Trump's blood in order to steal this Republican nomination, and his conspirator John Kasich is talking about a gun by those who employ him to end what is going on.

Kasich talking about negative rhetoric : Put a gun to this I am mob employee

Kasich on working together : Your deals in your sin

Kasich on taking questions at town halls: Friend added the lies nice enemies
Not good at three word answers: I'm scared when they're so messy

Tsunami of drugs: My Lucifer

The "nice enemies" according to David John Oates points to Ted Cruz in the "deal" which has been agreed to.
John Kasich either is addicted to drugs in the "my lucifer" or his mob connections in Ohio are hauling in narcotics into that state.

Reince Priebus speaking about Cruz and Kasich coming into to talk to Priebus in Wisconsin and the reverse ran...........We menace tonight.

This was the beginning of all of this which has now unfolded, and has enfolded to this Cruz speaking of blood and Kasich speaking of mob guns.

Donald Trump is speaking of this "deal" too. There is a reality that Mr. Trump knows Cruz and Kasich requested to "take out" as in mob rub out of Mr. Trump.

Donald Trump speaking about Cruz and Kasich deal.   

They asked if they could take me out.
You'll see that they will snap, they will SNAP.

The interesting part in this is who THEY is in who did Kasich and Cruz ask permission from to take Donald Trump out?
The snap according to David John Oates is Donald Trump states they will fail.

Look for this as a free to public listen on the Rense site. Hear Ted Cruz call Heidi a "little bitch" in Reverse Speech. Cruz and Kasich are the stooges of the same group who put JFK's brain on the pavement in Dallas.

......and lastly, Donald Trump speaks of Ted Cruz bribing delegates and in reverse speech states, AND HILLARY KNOWS IT.

I have told you that Cruz is working to elect Hillary Clinton and that is the proof.


Link to the Rense Program to hear Ted Cruz speaking of Donald Trump's blood.

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