Friday, April 15, 2016

Ted Cruz's Three Way

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

You may have noticed something in the Cruz Conspiracy this week in Ted Cruz is criminally bribing delegates to stop Donald Trump on the second floor vote.

Why a second vote?

The Lame Cherry is going to open a page to the Reince Priebus Diary. You might remember that exclusive in matter anti matter about the questionable creation of Reinhold Priebus and his laundering ISIS terror money into the GOP to stop Donald Trump.........but why review another exclusive of the Lame Cherry as there have been so many, and the Lame Cherry is always, right again, again, and again.......and all you are only interested in what new exclusive is only going to appear here......and no where else.

Second vote..........let us take this to the Cruz mind of understanding, or the things that Reince Priebus is coordinating with the GOPliters and telling this Canadian how the Jeb Bush plan to steal the GOP nomination is being accomplished for him.

Goodness, you did not believe Rush Limbaugh did you, in thinking that Cruz has operatives, and is planning all of this out like some mastermind did you?
Let me tell you a Lame Cherry secret, in Rush Limbaugh is years behind in real operations, and is three months behind in actual operations in what he is being told to put on the air to entertain you with, the illusion that he actually knows anything.

See you stick with the Lame Cherry, who lives in the future, and you get the story, not some dinosaur tales from Fagbaugh massaging it up his trumpster.

Ted Cruz likely to block Donald Trump on a second convention ...

Ted Cruz likely to block Donald Trump on a second convention ... Ted Cruz is close to ... to vote for Trump at the convention do not ...

So think about this as you can figure this out. There is a first vote, that Ted Cruz is being told he will not win. So now he is bribing delegates to get them to sell out their voters, so that Cruz is being told that Mr. Trump will be denied again on a second ballot.

Wait a minute, were we not being all told that it was the second ballot that Cruz was going to be nominated? You mean that was a story planted to deceive you? Why yes it was, and what does that tell you that Reince Priebus has been up to? Why Reince Priebus with Islam terror money has been engineering this all along for a THIRD BALLOT.

A 3rd ballot at the Republican Convention? Why this is the first time you have ever heard of this now is it not? No surprise there, but watch those MOGs on Conservative Treehouse trying to smear the Lame Cherry, as someone does not want you to know what is going on here.

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Ok with that business taken care of, let us think on this for a bit, in that 3rd ballot, as that is what the Jeb Bush programme has been about all along. Keep everyone looking for Donald Trump on round one, to deflate his supporters in a loss........just like Ted's Green Eggs and Ham farce on the Senate floor to deflate the Tea Party with a loss.......then the tension is on round two, to really torture the Trump delegates, and to unleash the blackmail files of all those things the IRS and FBI are going to find out as these principled people who have not taken Cruz and Priebus graft and bribes, will get the reality explained to them for this theater, making them sweat to a 3rd vote too.......when Cruz is supposed to be awarded the nomination to an absolutely shocked and horrified world.........except Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders as it means they will be in the White House, and of course that little oddity in Ted Cruz is under scorched earth orders to split the Republican Party with such hatred, that the Trump voters will never vote for this fraud.

You need reminders that Ted Cruz, son of communist Castro fighter, with the shaded Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans Cuban fliers and Dallas posing to see the shadows.........that Rafael Cruz after the JFK assassination was gotten out of the country to work for Bush oil in Canada.

See Ted is the groomed insider by Prescott Bush, the Kennedy assassination mentor, and this was not the first time the Cruz family with the GOPliters were joined in taking out a US President.

OK, so let us remind you of something Obama. Obama took in 300 million dollars in terror funds for his 2008 campaign fraud. What did the world get for that 300 million? Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran........and Syria all pumping oil into Turkey out of this non existence ISIS thing that was really Kurds looting and selling oil, which is funding numerous operations, like Reince Priebus and the GOPliters inside the GOP and the Democratic party for Hillary Clinton.
OK, now the answer section, in what do you think an intelligence controlled terrorist operation making billions in oil and dope, is going to expect from Ted Cruz, Reince Priebus, Paul Ryan, or expect them how to betray America more and slaughter which nations that Obama has not yet obliterated?

Sort of a not so intelligent thing in taking Muslim cash as they show up like the intelligence groups expecting something of the RNC chair......when he fails.

Shhhhh on that part as Ted Cruz has not yet figured this out yet, that he is about to find discover that the Cruz crimes are about to be spoken of to Ted as in jail time.

So what is today's lesson about.

Ted Cruz is getting things handed to him.

Ted Cruz is a moron, besides a liar, a cheat and a thief.

Reince Priebus on the Bush operational plan has plotted for a 3rd ballot nomination theft.

Terrorists expect things when they have money laundered to pay off Ted Cruz whore and bribing delegates when Reince Priebus is signing the checks.

and finally, Reince Priebus likes posting photos of his blonde wife Sally on Twitter, so Ted Cruz can jack off to her, with Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Erick Erickson.  

That is not what we learned though, what will be learned though is Sally Priebus with the tight white poses will not have to worry about finding some Big Koch benefactor to fill in for Reince when he is in prison for treason and other high crimes against America, as she does have those puffy lips just built for Bill and Huma Clinton things.

Odd who these children do not look alien like Reince and instead look like Obama's adopted daughters in different sperm donors. 

Never know, Ted cuts a deal with the FBI and he might be filling in for Reince in getting something more for the front room compared to Heidi.