Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Cruz Criminals

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What the Lame Cherry is going to address is not the jubilation of Cruz voters stealing elections nor the Trump voter frustration over abuse and crimes, because what requires focus in this is continuity.

I return you to a reality of being a rat outside the maze in asking questions and observing the situation.

Before CIA Director William Colby, a Clinton advocate was assassinated in his home and dumped into the river, he met with John DeCamp of Nebraska and spoke of the trouble the militia was, because like most Americans they no longer trusted their government. It was not guns, but trust which William Colby and his associates were most concerned about.

Ask yourself why? 
Why would trust matter? 

Trust is something which can be exploited. Trust is necessary for Disney, GE, FOX News, the Boston Globe to have, as much as the Courts, the FBI, Congress, the White House, because trust is what keeps people in continuity, the continuation of regimes, so the few rule the many.

What happens when that trust is destroyed?

Societal upheaval begins. That is what LaVoy Finicum and Cliven Bundy mean to the FBI, in the continuity is broken in lands can not just be stolen by BLM as people are resisting, the same as Black Lives Matter, and other manifestations of this, which then require the thin Police State line to murder and imprison people in order to attempt to keep control.

I ask you something though to consider, in how deliberately LaVoy Finicum was murdered and how heinously the Bundy group have been prosecuted, the piles of dead blacks in Ron Emanuel's Chicago, does it look like the people who give orders to the Police State are trying to keep the continuity of rule, or are they trying to break it?

Seriously, has the Democratic or Republican party done anything but betray their voters for years? That is why Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are surging as outsiders, because people in the right and left have been so betrayed by all of this.
Again ask yourself as Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz are criminally stealing elections, in their minority groups are cheering, as the establishment is protecting these crimes, why would the establishment be so openly taunting groups which are Occupy Wall Street and Militia oriented, in all of their Homeland terror sheets warn of these groups?

What I desire for each of you to see outside the rat maze, is someone is deliberately destroying the continuity in America, the Trust. That Trust is going to resonate with 80% of the Americans trust shattered, and a 10% Hillary or Ted minority is going to be in control of a mob, which is going to start manifesting in more than teenagers squealing tires or beating up people on corners.
Without continuity, people stop paying taxes in clever ways, stop seeing things and assisting the police state, and start as in Ohio shooting at mosques for sport or start figuring out where their inflictors live and start burning them down.

I have noticed the public on Facebook comments on Drudge stories are trending to "tarring and feathering" of delegates  and those in power. It is a short step in such an event of someone in power resisting, kicking someone in the balls or spitting on them, before the mob decides they like beating people to death and then hanging their bodies from lamp posts.
The police state then responds and over reacts like in LaVoy Finicum's murder, and the next thing you know is people are poking guns out of every window shooting at law enforcement or walking by and blowing tires out with a knife on a police cruiser.
Mobs learn fast in street cameras start coming down and mobs follow drones back to airports and burn them do the ground too.

None of this is news, as mankind has been rioting for centuries. The difference is though, is it is rare  when Nero sets the fires and fiddles while Rome burns, because that is what the establishment wants is a raging society consuming itself while the Praetorian Guard protects the bunker elite.

I desire all of you to see this, as the indications are, someone is busy destroying the United States trust in elections, and Ted Cruz is the chief Canadian behind this, as image Birther  Obama is overseeing this operation in no one is investigating this or putting a stop to it.
Colorado criminals literally were cheering this and tweeting about their crimes for Cruz.


NO PRIMARY, NO CAUCUS: Cruz Outmuscles Trump in 34-Delegate Colorado Sweep...

State party tweeted: 'We did it. #NeverTrump'...

You must be aware of this. This criminal activity is being initiated by the party elite, and the party elite works for the cartel which runs the regime repressing all of us.

You must ask yourself in, does the cartel want a Nero event of society consuming itself, and when it burns itself out, ruling with it's Guard? They have infused  a number of 3rd world Jesuits and Muslims to provide the rolling firestarters and the breakdown of continuity would break society of it's will more quickly as it was invested burying it's 30 million elderly and sick, who will not survive this breakdown.

The Lame Cherry is making you aware of the situation and to not focus on Ted Cruz crimes or what is being done to Donald Trump, or Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton, because that is the distraction. The real issue is what the cartel is initiating, as this is global from Panama Papers in bringing down David Cameron........same David Cameron left standing in the Obama Nuke Peace  Out with the Niggers........sending a signal that someone wants upheaval in key nations.

Of course this at source about the anti Christ in the new system it will bring, but what of America or Canada and what of France and Germany in Europe?
A Belgium terrorist in Europe is a Cruz voter in Colorado. It is all the same result and the populations are not pleased with being preyed upon, and are beginning to express things in taking matters into their own hands. The cartel knows this, and that is what they are pushing for.

It is lunacy for Ted Cruz to be engaged in the type of crimes he is, as the world is a festering wounded animal after the Obama regime, and they are looking to unleash, and the cartel is providing Cruz and terror opportunity.

The breakpoint will not be when the mob begins acting out.  The breakpoint will be when you who are reading this will be warmed inside, as you see people's  homes being burned down for the acts the cartel  gave them cover for, and you are enjoying it.
That is what is Islam, in those people have been kicked around and abused for generations, and they simply enjoy seeing other people suffer the same human condition. That though is something these Cruz criminals have not  figured out as they think the police state will protect them, when it looks like the police state is standing around enabling something to happen.
Seriously, is it very bright to have you names and addresses posted, and then go on Twitter like Mark Levin with #NeverHadAnyBrains, agitating people with very long memories?

In making you aware of this, it is my intention that you do not be sucked into the emotions of this in order to not have your DNA bleeding out on the streets. There are those though who are going to find that following around their tormentors, keying that BMW, driving a rod through the radiator, or a hammer to a windshield, is something noticed in #HoodieIncognitoLivesMatter, and then all of those celebrating will have insurance companies raising rates as this stuff keeps happening, as it becomes 'protest', and this mob will evolve into finding all sorts of clever things, and you know in every group, there is always some volatile who will start burning things down or like Khadaffi dragging him through the street.
It is just  the way humanity is and when the signals are the cartel is moving this to a violent series of events, then it is time to be aware and not be caught up where the mob flow is being pushed.

There is nothing more stupid than a multi millionaire, with their big cars, big mansion, big mouths to make themselves targets as one moron with a box of nails in 5 minutes will have them changing tires and everyone else in their rich community for months.  That is what stationary targets of high profile become in the Trotsky and Alinsky arts of upheaval. Suddenly it is not so much fun and their rich neighbors are all furious and the next thing you know the rich children are terrorizing the problem neighbor too.

So my children and my brats, watch this from outside the maze. Keep your DNA safe as globally Ted Cruz is simply a part of a multi faceted operation which is deliberately breaking down continuity. If that is what the police state is being exposed to in protecting the elite, then that is the police state's problem, just as it is the mob's problem for being sucked into it. You though just view it as so much live entertainment, as who knows, maybe you might enjoy sitting outside on your decks watching plumes of fire erupt in your cities as you drink your beers cuddling your weapons, as you discuss things like, 'Say is that not that rich prick on Twitter who called us "trumpsters", mansion on fire over there? Guess it was the Mexicans they employed or some redneck needed a new Big Screen.......oh say over there, is that not that Walmart going toast in that Black Lives Matter hood?"

The thing is you keep your heads and you keep your DNA as a remnant will survive, and it might as well be you.