Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Subsapien

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As certain as there are physical manifestations of advancement, there are Spiritual manifestations of advancement.

One can not witness an Indian pony compared to a Thoroughbred, and not readily note the physical retardation and advancement, so this too is a matter of the Spiritual.

It is evident now, that the human specie has become an evolution of the homosapien, to various classes of Spiritual and spiritual of that class in the Lumisapien and the ignisapien, to the lower hominids of the various homosexual, political, athletic etc... which are now defined as "subsapien".

The ignisapien or consuming fire type has deemed the end of the subsapien, and this is a matter of what is the matter of Lame Cherry Lumisapien of which I am the highest of this order type in Lumisapien compassion upon the subsapien to maintain it as a sort of genus like one would not go out of their way to step on a worm, as the Lumisapien is directed by Godlike compassion upon all sub genus.
It is a matter that one does not alter the monkey in the jungle simply because the baboon is inferior. Of course if the baboon is mass raping the populace, one exterminates the bad traits, like a five titted cow or a mad dog, in order to guide the specie, but the prime directive of God's Lumisapien is to keep the insects as an interest like a firefly, as long as they do not become like the tick in being too bothersome.

As a Lumisapien pioneer it falls to the Lame Cherry to decide the classification of the evidence you have provided in your failings in being a subsapien, into which group you have devolved into.

Thee subsapien and Lumisapien class
Dictionitorial Reference

Lumisapien: Highly evolved Spiritual creation of God stemming from Light.

Ignisapien: An anti darkness of evolved subspiritual creature in frequency of the satanic.

Subsapien: The class of physical human as defined by Lame Cherry of inferior classes- spiritless classes of the lower order, such as stones.

Nuff Said