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The Ted Cruz Skirt Screen

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Ever since the Bundy Ranch stand off and to the murder of LaVoy Finicum, in which Ted Cruz told the Patriots to stand down and sided with the federal seizure of private lands in Oregon, there has been a case in Texas which has confounded many, because Ted Cruz has been silent on it.
For those who think this is some western situation, it is in fact the BLM now scoping lands in Kansas and Oklahoma too.

According to a BLM document provided to Breitbart Texas courtesy Rep. Thornberry’s staff, the BLM is going through a scoping period where they are gathering facts on land whose ownership they believe to be in question in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. The BLM is in the process of developing a Resource Management Plan. The plan will cover a total of 411,585 square miles, or 263 million acres of land. The BLM describes its “decision area as about 104,000 acres of BLM administered surface lands, 593,000 acres of split-estate land (private land with federal mineral interests) and 5,270,000 acres of federal mineral interests on land managed by other federal agencies."

This is a great deal of acreage and it makes one wonder why Stand Down Ted Cruz is not standing up at least for his home occupation in Texas. As you can read by the above, just like Oregon there is something in this about mining interests and that is always what the Hillary Clinton conglomerates seizing American assets is about.

What this is about is Tommy Henderson back in the Reagan era, losing a case in Oklahoma for some acres he owned in this Red River area. The BLM took the land, and then tried to give the land back as it cost to much for this worthless property, because it is WORTHLESS, because the Red River is constantly moving in washing out banks and moving  the boundary.

Under the Obama regime though something else is taking place, and it again has something to do with TRIBAL  LANDS as Gene Hall of the Texas Farm Bureau told Greta Van Susteren on FOX.
 It's my understanding it has something to do with tribal lands 

For those who do not know what Oklahoma was, it was Indian country, or unoccupied lands which became a dumping ground of displaced Indians moved out of the east. The area in question on a historical map is the Kiowa, Comanche, Apache, Chickasaw and Choctaw Indians. This would be the plains Apache and not the mountain Apache, and for the most part these are tribes which no longer exist, and yet this is the focus of the Obama BLM which I warned all of you was focusing on sovereignty for Indians, and as the murder of LaVoy Finicum revealed, the Paiute were willing accomplices in stoking that situation as 53 trillion dollars in minerals for Bill Gates was at stake.

The only Indian Reservation now in Oklahoma is the Osage, but you have to really know this Indian tribal lands situation, as in states like South Dakota, "former treaty lands" are on the map of "Former Boundaries" of reservations, and the US Government has placed Indian lands perpetually under trust, meaning they can not be sold and only occupied by Indians, when surrounded by whites, blacks or brown skinned peoples.

That is what is about this BLM transgression which  Ted Cruz is standing down over, and it should be of interest to people in Wisconsin to New York as all of these 'former treaties' are apparently being honored by the Obama regime, as the legal document in how the regime is stealing State lands.

In Oregon it is about what is under the soil in mineral rites. As mineral rites are listed in the BLM release, it is a given the BLM is up to this angle again, and for those who missed this in Oregon, Oregon was about water rites too. The Red River is a major stream of water and the United Nations has been in the process of seizing water rites in America as part of their Agenda 21, and what it appears on the Red River is the BLM with Ted Cruz standing down is the federales seizing the shores or access to the River, which is in direct violation of all American law from French in Canada and Illinois to the right of way in America.
Literally, the Obama regime with Ted Cruz could seize the entire Red River and that water supply and cut off all access to it for irrigation or they could resell it to the Chinese, and use "Tribal Lands" as the foundation of this United Nations threat.

For the people of Wisconsin and New York, they might have been asking Ted Cruz about all of this, considering they are having like problems with the Oneidas in their states, instead of giving this fraud Cruz a pass.

Wisconsin, New York Oneida tribes dispute land claim ...

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Oneida tribal members in Wisconsin read an ad in a local newspaper that admonished their tribal government, and it came from the Oneida ...

The reality of the Red River is that the law basically states that the boundary is the vegetation line in the south which is Texas, and the Red always erodes land in the north. Meaning Oklahoma loses some river front and sediment deposits it on the Texas side on which the cattle graze or wildlife live.
The BLM is seizing this land and sovereignty and will use this moving shore seizure anywhere in America to Minnesota Great Lakes to the Mississippi River. It is a great deal like the Chicoms building fake islands in the sea in order to expand their jurisdiction and oil right drilling.

Once something is federal lands, then begin the federal regulations, and if you look at Malheur in Oregon, that spit of property by Teddy Roosevelt as a duck lake has turned into something in federal seizures almost as large as eastern States. Then what will follow are regulations by EPA US Fish and Wildlife and the next thing you know is the BLM is owning counties in Texas for what is under them in mineral wealth or the water above.

These are important issues and the issues are not what Ted Cruz wants anyone to discuss as Donald Trump beats Ted Cruz every time on the issues, and that is why the GOPliters manufactured the "Women's Issues" for their 100 day strategy to destroy Donald Trump, starting in Wisconsin.

Donald Trump has it as his policy to turn the lands in your state over to you to be managed, while Ted Cruz tells LaVoy Finicum to stand down and when Mr. Finicum does, he is murdered, and Ted Cruz says nothing, just like he says nothing to defend people in Texas.
For those who need reminding, there is an Al Gore stated agenda for America to stop farming and ranching, as America would import all of her food like it did oil. There is another agenda in this, to rid rural America of people who own land, and herd everyone into cities, where only the 1% could go out and walk in the grass or rape the land in Bill Gates mining, all based on "Indian Claims".
You see there was a reason the feudal Marxist Obama was focused on the Indian issues in America, and it had in using the tribes as leverage, and what is taking place all across America is based upon those tribes and their fictional rights, as most of them no longer exist, except on legal documents to seize lands.
What about the issues for Ted Cruz, instead of the Ted Cruz Skirt Screen, in which he hides behind women so people become distracted that Donald Trump is the answer on security, taxes, terrorism and you taking American back.

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