Wednesday, April 6, 2016

To Cruz by Losing

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was reviewing what Big Conglomerate in Limbaugh and Hannity were spoon feeding today, as this is the spin which is this ..........

Let me be perfectly clear in this, in Vote Stealing is now defined as Cruz landslides, and Cruz bribery and graft is "wining and dining" of criminal delegates and GOPliter party chiefs, as what is taking place now is the legitimizing of Election Fraud in the GOP, exactly as it has always taken place in since John F. Kennedy in the democratic party.

Ted Cruz is a criminal, and to listen to the hatred and contempt that Rush Limbaugh has for Donald Trump is honestly stunning. This scripted Missouri hicktard, who are nothing but Goebbelites, spitting into a microphone in the Limbaugh bros, deriding one of thee most successful developers and builders in the 20th century is simple proof of exactly the fact that the Prescott Bush party of nation rapists is still alive and well.
......and for a revelation, if I have some time, I am going to reveal how Prescott Bush was the working asset who put together the assassination of John F. Kenney. This is no reach, nor anything without proof. If I have time, I will explain that reality and take the story to places you never dreamed, because the people behind it, made certain their names never came up in this event.

So that is what we have operational here. Criminal vote fraud, proven by this blog is now being established as legitimate.

This is not a secret to anyone, including to Donald Trump. We now have Ted Cruz on multiple counts of vote fraud from Ben Carson to the Scott Walker vote tampering in Wisconsin, along with Cruz being a Canadian and illegible to even be in the race. The establishment will never allow Cruz to be President, and if you need the scenario brought to a zenith in this, if  Ted Cruz ever reaches the White House, his Bush Vice Presidential stooge, will be President within 18 months.

What we are dealing with is the 100 days campaign to fully criminalize criminal Ted Cruz, to hit the refrain of "Donald Trump the child", and to see with fraud polling and votes flipped, just how fast the right wing will crumble to a new master.

I am telling you Trump supporters to get off your cowering asses and stand up. This is what it is like to be shot over a little bit and is all a part of this, in your being told flat ass lies to break you, and it is what every intelligence asset goes through in training to break their mental stability. It is how you stampede armies and herd populations of people who think they are Patriots.

Here is your reality by the Gateway Pundit. At this juncture, trust him.

UPDATE: Tuesday April 5, 2016

We have the DC Madam’s phone records.
Pages and pages of phone records.
We are deciding how to present this evidence.
Please pass this on to Ted Cruz and his supporters.

At this point, it is not advisable to inform you what I know in what people who have..........Put it this way, you just keep trusting honest Donald Trump and do not get rattled. Things are working. I would tell you more, but I am not about to alert those plotting against you as ........let us just let them think you are all bleating sheep and they are the smart Limbaugh pied pipers leading you to the pen.

Seriously, GW Pundit, needs to be like Ambassador to Hot Chicland, in being one of the faithful..........while all of you Cruz boogers are going to be left out so far in the cold, you will think that your nutsack at 40 below is thawing out.

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