Saturday, April 2, 2016

Trump der Munich Option

Donald Trump likens immigrants to a poisonous snake that bites the ...

As Matt Drudge has finally caught up to the popular kids, this is a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I now have evidence that in every state which was stolen from Donald Trump in vote fraud, and in the remaining states to vote, they all reflect the North and South Dakota intrigue of removing Trump delegates and voting to steal this campaign from him.

Donald Trump's campaign for president is accusing the Tennessee Republican Party of "doing the bidding" of the national GOP establishment in a calculated attempt to “steal” pro-Trump delegates and stop them from being a part of  Tennessee's GOP delegation.
It's part of a national effort by GOP party leaders, the Trump campaign has alleged, to stop the Republican frontrunner from becoming the nominee.
A Tennessee party official disputes that allegation, instead accusing Trump’s camp of distorting the truth while noting Trump will still receive all delegates won from the state.

They told you exactly this, that they had this all worked out to keep Donald Trump from the 1200 threshold. The pipe dream is the distraction of Paul Ryan as the nominee. There are two fronts in this though. They use Ted Cruz the Canadian to keep this from Donald Trump in vote fraud, and then flame Cruz out in the general and blame the Tea Party for this.

I know that Donald Trump has information which is keeping him safe, but I can definitely tell you that the insiders have already discussed the "Bundy Option". Meaning after Donald Trump is removed in this, they mean to make such an example of him and his children, that no one is ever going to dare make an outside run for President again.
Word has it, that it will be the boys they will go after to break their old man, and they are going to hit him on things he never dreamed and put him into prison to die.

Donald Trump had better realize he must become Jehu in spirit as this is a fight to the death. This will go scopalamine if the more exuberant of the suboperational groups prevail.

In an unprecedented move, Marco Rubio has asked party leaders of 21 states and territories not to release the 172 delegates the Republican won during his now-defunct presidential campaign.
The end goal: stop Trump, of course.
Rubio aide Alex Burgos confirmed the plan to impact the nomination, telling MSNBC that the former candidate "wants to give voters a chance to stop Trump."

Do not make a mistake that this is just a one dimension of Cruz vote fraud, PAC attack smears, Limbaugh mocks, Levin rants, the GOPliters bribing the local whores of the GOP, but this is more than that. They tried to scare off Donald Trump with assassination attempts. They framed Corey Lewandowski.........word has it they do not want an easy way out for Donald Trump in a Grassy Knoll, they want to break him and give America a Khadaffi happy ending. They want Donald Trump in orange suit, beat up and dragged out by guards.

They will not make the mistake again of Oregon in a non event, and that means you Cruz boogers better pay attention, because when they are through with Donald Trump, they are coming for every last one of you, along with the Sanders supporters. They have been denied the green light for a Grassy Knoll at this point, because it would start an upheaval which would not be profitable.

These are absolute nation rapists under Obama who have crimes against humanity, and they are going to use the GOPliters to protect them from punishment. Everyone is in this, and it looks like the fight is going to be in the abyss and the mob is still in denial of the fight.
I hope Donald Trump realizes what needs to be done before he is reacting, instead of acting.