Saturday, May 7, 2016

St. Helens Being Force Fed

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As the Lame Cherry pointed to in the major earthquakes on the Pacific plate, that a force is causing the magma of the earth core to be squeezed upward. Hence the earthquakes are not causing the eruptions, but the magma forced into the plate is causing the earthquakes.

UPDATE: Swarm of earthquakes beneath Mount St Helens...

I am going to tell you to revisit the American West were great Buttes are present in the middle of the prairies, in making no sense as to why they should be there. These are no more ancient than the Grand Canyon. What they are is the same activity of outside forces squeezing earth, causing magma to come to the surface, but in those cases a deluge flooded the earth, and swept away the soils.
The Grand Canyon was created in hours, not centuries.

From what my instincts tell me in listening to the matrix, this is a reality of gravity waves, from the sun and from that approaching system in the south quadrant. One is pushing a wave like water into the inner solar system, and the other in the sun is holding the planets in place. Think of it like a fish squirting between your hands. In this case, the earth is not moving, but the magma is under influence.

This is just letting you know, as the cause was laying the foundation for more of these manifestations in weak points on the earth, and now Mount St. Helens is filling with magma. I will state this that Oklahoma is sitting on a magma bubble too and it is not frac'ing causing all of those quakes there.