Monday, May 9, 2016

The Hot Oil Bath

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is not a big post, but it is probably a dangerous one, so you should not do it.

See I have this old gun with stuck screws. I read allot about stuck screws, using heat on them from torches, soaking them, penetrating oil.........and then it ends up being drilled out.

I got to thinking by the Holy Ghost though,  that hot water as in steam presses gets the dirt out. You use a pressure cooker and it tenderizes meat. You wash dishes in hot would it be possible with a non volatile....(that would be something that does not catch on fire and go boom) heat oil up like in a deep fryer for french fries and see if it would permeate inside the rusted stuck screw threads?

I can not use acetone in this for poof factor and it would evaporate in wondering about though other fat fluids like synthetic transmission oil or caster-oil. Makes me wonder if the brake fluid would even be necessary to crawl the metal.

See this is about polar and non polar in caster might glom and penetrate better, so maybe a just thinking about this in formulating it for posterity, as if cold lube and dry heat work, then why not hot lube.

It would seem the best of both worlds, and in being careful, an hour in this hot bath should accomplish the heated metal not to fatiguing it, the melting point of the crud, and the excite point to penetrate the rust in a nice expansion of all as everything expands and contracts in heating and cooling.

I am assuming that using a pressure cooker would be Darwin, as that is about steam, and oil does not steam, so it would not be pressure, but it might create some bomb, which sort of would ruin my day.

The hot oil bath thought is an idea though, a dangerous one, but as these are my personal  thoughts not for public reading, it is just my way of working through problems.