Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Unauthorized Biography of Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With Jeff Bezos at Amazon trying to protect his non tax paying empire, with Naval Intelligence stooge, Bob Woodward, making criminal excuse for Hillary Clinton, as we all "know" she is as virginal as a married lesbian bi sexual, Jeff Bezos, the owner of the Washington Post and Bob Woodward the yellow propagandist has unleashed 20 muckrakers to smear Donald Trump in every facet of his life, it is time for the Lame Cherry to refute this and let the forensic facts of Donald Trump's psychology prevail.

I can give you an exclusive in this, in what they will tell you is, Donald Trump is a White American Man.

This is going to be the unauthorized biography of Donald Trump by the Lame Cherry in all of its naked Truth.

Donald Trump was born to working class New York. That does not mean his dad, Fred Trump, was blue collar, but it means that Fred Trump worked in the guts of the city which made New York work. This was not New York aristocracy, but New York from the streets up.

There was a great deal of bravado in the young Donald Trump, as he was upper class, but not of thee upper class, and that kind of mixing it up and being looked down upon, made the Donald Trump before us.

Most of you have no idea of the world Donald Trump arose from, because you are either too lazy to read history, too brain dead to have a memory or too ignorant or arrogant to comprehend what makes a man.
Donald Trump in his twenties, was out of college, and he had entered a world in the throes of Vietnam, Watergate caused by Bob Woodward intrigue, the dollar pinned to oil in the first American collapse, and in 1975, New York went bankrupt.
This last event might not sound like a great deal, but nothing went bankrupt of any honor in America then, because America was richer than God Himself.

Donald Trump lived among the ruins of the American Dream, but what responded in him was not tearing America down, but Donald Trump built upon his father's real estate genius, and seized upon the most fantastic and monumental plan, in taking the greatest piece of real estate in the world, to build Trump Tower.

This was nothing simple, as New York is a place of leftists, crooks, mafia, union and incredible costs, all meant to destroy anything rising from those ashes which is not part of the establishment.
It was this that Donald Trump produced as his signature to the world, in the Trump Tower of New York. The greatest feat since the Empire State Building, and hearkened back to the world Donald Trump remembered, when men like Howard Hughes and Joseph Kennedy, rose from nothing, and became the working men who gained the respect of the world.

So it is not some strange happening to perplex the Washington Post or propaganda to exploit that Donald Trump created an image of the American male risen from the ashes. Starlets adorned Joe Kennedy and starlets adorned Howard Hughes, and starlets and media adorned Donald Trump, as it was all image.
It was the image of Wedgwood in everyone wanted the same china the Queen was dining upon, everyone wanted to be Hugh Hefner living the playboy lifestyle, and everyone was beginning to want to be Donald Trump of New York, because Donald Trump became the image of all that was right about New York.

In Playboy there was an article, one on the immortal Howard Hughes. After the assassination of Robert Kennedy, Mr. Hughes was on the phone immediately with Bob Mayhew, assessing how to exploit this for his benefit. In the end, Howard Hughes ruled out his running as a Democrat, in being the consummate Republican, but instead had Mayhew deliver to the backseat limousines of Hubert H. Humphrey and Richard M. Nixon, a suitcase filled for each one, with 1 million dollars for their campaigns.

See that is how all of this pretty world you are enslaved in works. You like to think you are Ted Cruz pure as the driven snow from your pulpits and above it all, but someone like Lame Cherry has to get into it, and do the dirty work, so you can dine in your homes, pretending how wonderful you are.

So Donald Trump lived in New York, a New York where Bill Clinton was President, where New York finance was present for necessary funding, and Hillary Clinton was the power to reckon with. That is how glowing phrases were uttered by Donald Trump for the Clinton and Clinton, and how the Clinton's arrived at the Trump wedding, how photos of joy were taken, as donations were made to buy influence, because the reality is, people who are employed by Donald Trump from Asian cleaning employees to his lawyers, just do not matter to politicians or those Letterman Cocktail Crowd billionaires, if they have jobs or lives, or not.

What matters is flowery praise and the color of green dead Presidents. If you bother to observe Donald Trump, Mr. Trump praises everyone as the greatest thing since your first orgasm, unless of course some ingrate decides to build their position on the end of Donald Trump.

That is Donald Trump. He is not like Jeff Bezos, the Obama fascist pocketing another billion of your dollars in Obama Geithner money dumps to Wall Street, while Bezos rapes poor Amazon customers in raising free shipping from 25 dollars to 49.99, as Bezos sells customer data to Ted Cruz, to see who will be most easily brainwashed.

Donald Trump is not like Bob Woodard, a Mockingbird stooge who brings down an innocent man like Richard Nixon in the Watergate set up, as MOG Bob just can not see any crimes with Hillary Clinton, as of course her intentions were always pure, like trying to deny Richard Nixon his Constitutional Rights in Watergate prosecution.

The 2016 election is a process of election by Donald Trump and vote fraud by Hillary Clinton. It is one of Donald Trump speaking honestly about everything like you do from Madonna looking tacky in metal nipple cups to Hillary Clinton lying like Ted Cruz again about how innocent they are.

The question in this election is do you desire a White American Male of success to open the door to your gulag or if you want to stay enslaved and listen to a lesbian telling you how free you are in your cell.

Donald Trump as a self made American, just happens to have the secrets you keep and pretend to be shocked by, recorded in public, while Hillary Clinton like you, happens to keep her secrets locked behind the facade of the fiction which we all lie to ourselves about.