Thursday, May 26, 2016

Too White Male and Too White Yale

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This is a story from a few weeks ago, but with all of the more important stories taking precedence, it falls to this point in history of terror Mexicans attacking Americans for Donald Trump in New Mexico, while the Latino Governor Martinez of the GOPliters looked in she deliberately stayed away from the Trump Rally, as if she knew there was going to be violence at the event, and that the terrorists were going to storm the arena.

You do get this right? You do get this that GOP Governor Martinez stayed away from an event, claiming she had other priorities, but it now all appears that Governor Martinez stayed away, because she had coordinated with Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz to murder Donald Trump by mob.
This is nothing new, as Glenn Beck was promoting the idea that Cruz voters would shoot Mr. Trump.

See there is a great deal going on in front of your eyes, and all of you missed the obvious. Governor Martinez was in on a terror act, meaning she was prior-informed, and she stayed away from a terror event, so she would not get killed.

All of this reflects the Obama, Cruz and Clinton priority of the genocide of White Americans. The above in America is too white, too male and too Yale, is the charge of Obama minder Susan E. Rice, which she made in public in an address directed at college graduates.
Rice's idea is that America would be so much better, because America would benefit from less white people, and more Obama diversity which brings about Benghazi, the murder of Col. Khadaffi, and now nuclear wars with China in the east and Russia in the west.

Of course, Rice blames all of this in the too male and too Yale, running Obama things. The reality is though this is not about race, but about warped liberal dysfunctional minds, who in their failures, have begun race hatred against the right wing Caucasian race for building America.

For a record, all of the Founders were Caucasian.

America was led by Caucasians for over 200 years, but only began having problems when Ashkenaz Jewry of Europe took over American finance and the complete collapse of America came, when the Chinoid Obama was installed in America, looting the US Treasury.

I would state that if being Negroid was such a wonderful state of mind, then why is Africa a malaria hole of death? If being Asian is so insightful, then why is Asia a slavery hole, and only progressed with American technology? If Latin America is such a paradise of thought, then why is every regime there in perpetual collapse?

Seriously, the only nations which have advanced and prospered were Caucasians from Russia to Caucasians in America. Now I could go back to being White is a state created by God, as in the sons of God, to provide the other races a reality through Israelites that the light is Life and darkness is death, based upon the reality that rotting things are black and and light colored things are healthy, but I would instead simply point out the reality that White America created the greatest nation on earth by God's Will, and the only problems America has ever had was from these lower caste races, who are still pulling down their nations.

The absolute best solution for America, is not importing more slave labor to profit off of, or continue this Affirmative Action penalizing of the White race, as it has been proven that the degradation of America has been based in including the lower primates like giving you an ALICE pack to carry around in this journey while everyone else of tan skin, is being given a ride.

Susan Rice, Sonia Sotomayor, Michelle Obama, image Obama, are all racists who are the poster haters against a White Christian race, whose crime was creating success.

“I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”
Sonia Sotomayor

Seriously, this group is part of a group of traitors to civilization and the manifesto mob of Crimes Against Humanity.

“By now, we should all know the dangers of ‘groupthink,’ where folks who are alike often think alike. “By contrast, groups comprised of different people tend to question one another’s assumptions, draw on divergent perspectives and experiences, and yield better outcomes.”

Susan E. Rice

Ms. Rice also linked all of this in racial hatred against Donald Trump in this hate speech, and it must be noted that the word FOLKS, appears from these quadroon lips, the same quadroon lips of Birther Hussein Obama, who began all of this with FOLKS, in referring to White People. You can translate this to Rush Limbaugh's trumpsters, Amanda Carpenter's trumpers, George Will's trumpites, and any of the other, Stormtrumpers to chumps to Trumpanzees, which mostly began around the same September 2015 window, directed at Donald Trump, and the reality is what Obama and Rice "FOLKS" to the Matt Walsh hate speech, translates to WHITE NIGGERS. That is what FOLKS is really stating, and those statements sub-humanize White Trump voters, and therefore it is the proper thing to employ violence against them, and to murder White People.

Let us return to Governor Susan Martinez joining into this. She had foreknowledge of a terror attack in New Mexico, directed against Donald Trump, by paid-for Mexican terrorists, as the police state of Martinez stood by and watched people in wheelchairs being assaulted.

The "folks", the White Niggers, in all of this Obama speak, is what is being conditioned in all of these Jesuits and Muslims, to be directed in murderous rampage against White Christian Americans. This is the most heinous programme unleashed, since the genocide of Germans was unleashed during and after World War II, and they are still being demonized to this day, and being linked to Donald Trump.

What was the German Genocide of Germans, has now become the American Genocide of White Americans, beginning with the Germans in America, as one of the White Nigger attacks began this in focusing on the 400 year old name of Donald Trump in German.

America is deemed too Godlike, and this great American race, epitomized by Donald Trump is the focus of being slurred as "folks", the White Niggers, and in such degraded slurs is moving this to White Genocide as certain as transexuals are being protected by the police state to rape children in bathrooms.

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