Friday, June 24, 2016

A Deer in the Land

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was pondering today that I had not seen any deer, or more to the point their tracks, and then tonight at twilight, I stepped outside and something did not look right about 50 yards from the door and I could not figure out what that brown was, nor the white stripes around the tail and down the back legs, as God made does that way so fawns could follow them in low light conditions, but it was not until she flicked her tail, that I made out the entire deer.

There have been three of them, and two were around an ash tree, nipping new leaves off of them. They were oblivious to me, and then TL with the door opening and closing. Deer are creatures that if they know your routine, they pay absolutely no attention to you. I presume these are the same children who would surprise me at midnight at about 30 feet away when I went to check chickens last year.

We have had deer here for most of the time since my dad died. I try to protect them, but do not have the land, and deer just do not comprehend how the world works, so the does get shot off by ignorant hunters who should be shooting the fawns, because the older does produce the better fawns.......but shooting a "Beeg Doe" or a "Nice Buuaahck" is what I hear too often.
I have shot my numbers of deer for food. I would hunt now or shoot that big buck that ripped one of my trees to death last year, but I just do not have the time or license now.........including the money, as hunting is an expensive enterprise in this raise the predators to murder the deer and pets game departments we have now.

These deer are so oblivious to us, and they should be, because I am not about to be shooting the pets. No sport in that, and I like seeing wildlife around. If that buck would not be doing what a buck does in eating my sweetcorn and thrashing my trees for his velvet, I would not really bother with them, as deer ticks and Lyme is not a huge problem here.
If we had our land, we would have our herd of things, and flocks, as I am certain I would be eaten to the nubs, and then it would be convincing all the neighbors to hunt from afar and then it would be deer galore in picking what would be harvested.

They remind me a great deal like most of you, in so oblivious to the dangers. So many of you have satan's sights or the police state license on you, that as you stand around looking at things, you never contemplate the Great Tribulation coming.
I decided long ago that I would not worry about things, as those who would gun for me, would be professionals and I would feel no pain, only the pressure of the bullet. I doubt some sadist would bleed me out like LaVoy Finicum. There just is no sense in not being like a deer really, in you might as well enjoy life, as Wormwood, the anti Christ and only God knows what is out there. Can die from a jar of pennies falling on your head as much as a meteor. One just seems to have more glamour in it.

Now I have the dilemma of a very rare corn which I was going to be growing, and a duo of does who will just relish eating little corn plants off. So much life being consumed in what are the priorities and prejudices.

I would judge that Sherlock was more precious than the human who ran over him and I desire that human dead.
I apologized to God for shooting a tomcat who had been fought off from some other farm, by a tomcat, who would no doubt fight off TL's kitties and kill the kittens, as it was not that cat's fault, but the people who should have shot the original cat.
I like the deer and mourn for my corn not eaten yet.

..........and six billion dead in the Great Tribulation would please me, and knowing a million beeves are slaughtered for beef I enjoy gives me remorse.

It is much better in the deer never have remorse for what they kill, as there is nothing good nor bad in it for them.