Thursday, June 9, 2016

Bernie Sanders and Obama 30 Pieces of Silver

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was considering history today, Jewish history in the poor Ashkenaz ghetto Jew being sold out to the Marxist and the Nazi as slave labor by the Jewish elders, so the elders would survive, in the fine Russian movie Defiance.

I consider that today in history repeating itself, as secular Jewish elder of the democratic party bowed before image Obama, swore allegiance to Hillary Clinton for whatever 30 pieces of silver Obama offered, and then began a rant against Americans in joining to defeat Donald Trump.

That is what awaits with Hillary Clinton, the same pogroms of Moscow 1930 in disarming Citizens, forcing them into work camps, making them enemies of the state, and placing key Jewish zealots like Bernie Sanders into power, and rewarding other Jewish financial interests already in oligarch power, to make war on the Citizens, Jewish and not, from Ukraine to Georgia, as their being business owners makes them a threat to Hillarystate.

I do wonder what image Obama offered up to Bernie Sanders for Sander's 30 pieces of silver? History recalls that the elders in Warsaw toasted the Nazi's with champaign and caviar. The Comrade  Jews of Moscow when not assassinating their own Jews in Mexico in Trotsky, were much more  preliterate in a ride in an automobile was acceptable, while Jews across Europe sold their invalids to the war machine for a jar of orange marmalade.

I wonder of Bernie Sanders voters, who have invested so much to not have this criminal Hillary Clinton in power over them again in the absolute police state, how they must feel like Ted Cruz voters who watched as their leader vanished in a puff of smoke, abandoning them, but expecting  them to still leap over the lemming edge, because Ted and Bernie tell them to keep marching on.

A few short days about Bernie Sanders was the epitome of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy vowing to fight on for societal justice, but one meeting with Obama has Bernie Sanders telling his followers, "Be good children now, and follow the nice jackboot into the concentration camp, because I will be thinking warm thoughts of you as you enter the ovens."

What is it that Bernie Sanders sold out to image Obama for? An ambassadorship? A convention highlight speech? A couple of million dollars? Just what is it that really beats at Bernie Sander's soul, that would have him sell out an entire Democratic movement in a few minutes with image Obama.
Seriously Bernie Sanders just vouched for the Butcher of Benghazi in Hillary Clinton, the criminal Hillary Clinton, the misogynist Hamrod, and the Hillary Clinton who began the year with Obama murdering LaVoy Finicum over Oregon mineral wealth that the Clinton Foundation sold to their donors.

I am not a Bernie Sanders supporter, so I can not speak how these voters will feel or react, but I would believe they have to be devastated in having fought for so long, believed so much in this man, put themselves in the Clinton crosshairs, and now Bernie Sanders has just walked away.

The Alt Right gets into a great deal of controversy with their ((((Jewish)))) brackets, in framing numbers of issues about Jews, which does not help when a real issue like this does resonate from history.
Bernie Sanders is another secular Jewish politicist, who mixed it up with the establishment to gain power for himself, caused a movement, and then sold out the people who believed in him, just like Warsaw.

All of us now are told to just simply stand down like Ted Cruz told LaVoy Finicum, and we are now supposed to trust the Obama Clinton police state which has murdering not just foreigners, but Americans globally and putting the rest of us on Facebook watch lists. Bernie Sanders has just vouched for everything which his supporters are against.

Again, what did Bernie Sanders sell his movement out for? It really does not matter, because a dead political movement is a dead political movement.

In the shock of this, the only person left standing who is being attacked by Hillary Clinton, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, image Obama, and this entire GOPliter group is Donald Trump, which expressly proves he was the only person who was standing for social justice on all issues in America. Of course the Sanders voters do not want to hear this, as they just got punched in the ovaries by Bernie Sanders in being sold out. They will though be as their parents were in 1968 in Chicago, with the Daily machine batting them over the heads, because their movement was decapitated and no one was left to speak for them.....or so it will dawn on them in what Bernie Sanders did.

I do not want Sanders voters beat up by the police state in Philadelphia, protesting to a democratic establishment who Bernie Sanders sold them out  to. I would prefer they join to support Donald Trump and protest that way in finding legislative ground on the issues they believe in, as that is all that is left for Sanders voters.

The old man who sold them out will be dead in a few years. If they join with the disgusting Bill Kristol types to install Hillary Clinton, there will be no change, to relief from debt, no jobs and only more Obama wars and their being replaced with an immigrant block who is getting 20,000 dollars a head to settle them, while they got sold out by Sanders for a jar of marmalade.

I am disappointed in Bernie Sanders, as I had read his positions, and many were a path America did need after Bush Clinton, but in witnessing what Senator Sanders just engaged in, in political whoring was nothing but a repeat of history two generations ago. It did not end well for the Russian or German nations, nor for the European continent in such deals, as millions died from these kinds of insider deals.

"I have looked into the soul of Bernie Sanders, and found the Merchant of Venice, having placed before the merchant a pound of flesh to be carved off of every supporter."

- Lame Cherry

What Bernie Sanders voters must be thinking. He told them he would lead them to the promised land, but when they opened their eyes, there was Hillary Clinton with their chains and image Obama locking the gulag gates behind them.