Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Clinton Lynching

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Just to fill in the blanks here for those who are speculating what the Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch meeting was about really.

According to inquiry, the meeting was on the private jet to keep the bribe from being eves dropped on by intelligence. What was discussed is interesting as follows:


Bill Clinton lured Loretta Lynch into this meeting with the promise of being an informant. Clinton was going to provide information on someone in the cartel concerning money laundering to the Obama regime to save Bill and Hillary from prosecution.

Lynch was offered the replacement seat of Merrick Garland, who would be followed through on the Supreme Court as an "Obama nominee" for an easy win for President Hillary. Lynch was to be on the DC Appeals Court if she creates a prosecutorial diversion.

Lynch deemed the offer beneath her, and expected the Supreme Court. Inquiry points to that this being exposed here, Lynch in this time line is moved to go public on this.

The person of interest the Clintons are opting to throw to the wolves is from the Mideast, connected to Benghazi and to take the fall for this situation.

The Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the United States was just offered quid pro quo, and not a very attractive one to end up a pariah and in prison the rest of your days if things go south.

Is what inquiry states in the matrix. I am not going to track down the patsy in this, but they should figure this out, as it is brilliant in tanning the Obama regime with the connection, setting the Clinton's free, and burying one of the saps.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Tomorrow you get another of the Lame Cherry Mother of all Exclusives and God has it right on time as Dame Hamrod thinks her GOPliter allies have put the flames of Benghazi out, but what if the world has already been kindled.

Judge Expands Investigation into Hillary Dealings with Fdn Donors...


Let's sing in honor of a geezer Obama voter looking for himself.

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