Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Crimes of Hillary / Obama tells Gays to Drop Dead / Trump warms of Bush Evil

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following reversals from David John Oates are interesting in image Obama outed the Jews were involved in the Orlando gay on gay violence, with the warning of the evil of Prescott Bush.
Included in this was Lyndon Johnson referring in the JFK and RFK  reversals references to Prescott Bush.

Latest Hillary Clinton reversals.

Hillary on Donald Trump ads: War crime what a mess

Hillary on ISIS: I'll bring us war

Latest image Obama reversals.

Obama on LGBT community on Orlando: Drop dead

Obama on gays: Of all people I'm rotten

Obama on courage to change: I'm afraid

Obama on Orlando:  Your villain hear the sender, sell the survivor

Obama on violence: Grief living now.

Obama on Orlando: The show of Zion

The latest Donald Trump reversals

Donald Trump on Hillary Clinton: Hillary sure gonna be done.

Donald Trump on getting things done: Then I will build America and let me bully that little faggot.

Donald Trump on Hillary Clinton: Bush is evil

(LBJ on JFK shooting: This is Bush)
(LBJ on RFK : See it Bush)