Monday, June 13, 2016

Hildebeast 2016: The Year of Terror Islam Feeding on Sodomerica

It is a given in Christianity that Omar Mateen got into more trouble with God denying Jesus than he did for doing the fire and brimstone work of Sodom.

- Lame Cherry

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It was the Islamic of times, it was the sodomite of times.............


Nation divided...

That bastardization of the French Revolution, fits completely the American Upheaval, instigated by Barack Hussein Obama in the change Obama believes in and as of last week in the racist attacks against American Donald Trump, the following are the enablers, apologists and conspirators of Obama open borders.

Paul Ryan
Hillary Clinton
Bernie Sanders
Elizabeth Warren
Bill Kristol
Erick Erickson
Matt Walsh
Glenn Beck
Mitt Romney

.....and the list goes on in these political pariahs who bend at the knee for Big Saud oil terror money, and bend at the waist for Big Queer political money.

Let me explain Orlando Florida completely, so you get this as no one else is linking this to exactly what it is.

In the 1970's liberal Jimmy Carter opened America's borders to the Mario Boat People from Cuba. What that situation was literally, was communist Fidel Castro emptying his assylums, prisons and hospitals of all of his degenerates and invalids who ended up in America, raping and murdering Americans.

That is the quid pro quo in what image Obama has worked out with Big Saud in this Islamic alliance. Germany gets the workers with the Muslim rape cock attached, while America gets these TB plague carriers, with the terrorists.
In that President Elect Donald Trump is absolutely correct in these Obama Muslim invaders are the Trojan Horse invasion of America, and are being overseen in the profiteers of charities from Catholic, Lutheran and Jews.

It is a fact that you can not open your anus and open your borders to Muslims and not unleash a violent clash of Militant Islam and Militant Homosexuality.

- Lame Cherry

All of us are now in a Obamahell, where the reality is, Sodom and Mecca can not exist, as both are militant factions and this is all due to Obama policies embraced by the Clintons, the Sanders, the Bush's and the entire GOPliter group led by Bernie Sanders.
Do not overlook that Reverse Speech quote from David John Oates by GOP Chairman Reince Priebus in Muslim oil was coming in to defeat Donald Trump. That money was from the billions ISIS gained from Obama and John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio in stealing Iraqi oil, and laundering it through Muslim Turkey.

FLASHBACK WEDS: FBI Steps Up Stings in ISIS Cases...

Hundreds of Investigations...

FL to CA...


We are now in an Anus War and the fact is, it all goes directly to Barack Hussein Obama, and it's leaders in Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders who cajoled all of these Queers to come out of the closet and flaunt their degenerate condition, all to create a platform for pedophilia. The problem is that Obama Clinton have been loading up the billions from the Muslims and billions from the Queer Nation, and in the course of these inhumane events, have armed the Muslims and left the homosexuals exposed as it is a reality that Obama Clinton Sanders have a deeper alliance with Islam due to money and power, than to the sodomites who are being left to be wiped out.

That is the absolute reality in this. The fag is going to be nothing more than some Kabob to Islam, a mutton for the sacrifice for journeys to paradise in 40 virgins. It will of course spread to more inspired operations attacking liberal groups, because people of the right are usually armed even in Churches so that makes Islamic attacks foiled in their purposes, but the prime location by design of these enablers of EQUALZ is sodomites.

If you observe Orlando, the sodomite is the perfect Darwin Candidate. 1 Muslim killed and wounded 1/3rd of that group, held another third hostage for hours, and the remaining trolls sat on the sidewalks and bawled.
The Orlando SWAT would not respond due to trouble from the Obama regime over protecting Muslims, as it took 3 hours, but imagine if a second Muslim was on the street doing clean up, as the fact proved these snowflake generation of Obama queers have absolutely no semblance of fight or flight.......unless of course it is attacking Christians or running to an orgy.

The homosexuals have been warned here in why is Obama sticking them into the military to be shot? Why did Hillary Clinton put Chris Stevens into a situation be anal raped to death? Why now is the reality of Orlando a coming attraction as Disney was warned off to go on alert, as the FBI knew of Terror Omar, and there are apparently hosts of Militant Muslims in America looking to unleash their outrage on sodomites.........and the sodomites are not being warned by Hillary Clinton, as she parades her lesbian Huma around behind masses of Secret Service protection.
In that, what kind of danger is the Secret Service now under, as what could be a greater trophy to allah than to akbahr Hillary and Huma? The reality is out there, because since George H.W. Bush imported Iraqi's, Bill Clinton imported al Qaeda, George W. Bush allowed the Saudi's to flee on 9 11, and now with image Obama importing hundreds of thousands of Sharia Muslims to gin up the Muslims birthed in America, that there is an entire generation of terror Islam which is literally pinning down the FBI........when it is not murdering LaVoy Finicum in Oregon for Hillary Clinton.

The liberal voters are going to have to make a decision, because they can not have open borders to Islam and open anuses to sodomy. Obama Clinton, Sanders Biden have chosen the Muslims in not protecting the EQUALZ, and not warning their democratic voters of the gun fire.
Need you be reminded that the FBI knew of Omar the Terrorist and thousands of others let loose in America, and they are protecting them due to Big Saud money and Obama regime retaliation on police. It began at Fort Hood and it penetrated into Benghazi and now has come home to Orlando.

Can America survive a third term of Obama change? No.

The reasons is you ignorants have not yet conceived that this is not just a Muslim issue. There are over 40 million Latin Revolutionaries from the Jesuit Vatican, pouring into America.
Latins are pack animals as are Muslims. Muslims have terror networks. Latins have gangs, and have a generation of smugglers who deal in rape, prostitution, drugs and slavery. That is billions in dollars, and when those gangs begin flexing their power as the Muslims are, more than sodomites are going to be dead, in this increased muttonization of America.

ISIS releases hit list with names of more than 8,000 Americans...

That is what 2016 AD in the year of our Lord is about, the American Mutton. The merchants who sold Americans to the slaughter. The merchants who have imported these Muslim and Jesuit butchers. It is all about these bribes going into Hillary Clinton's bank accounts, Bernie Sanders not doing a thing to protect his voters, and the fact that Donald Trump has been savaged for pointing out San Bernardino, Orlando and only satan knows what will happen next.

This is 2016, Hillary Clinton, feeding the kabob fag to her Muslim lunch menu.

Hillary Clinton explains why she won't say 'radical Islam ...

Hillary Clinton explained on Sunday that she won't use the term "radical Islam" because it "sounds like we are declaring war against a religion."