Thursday, June 2, 2016

It is Time for Ted Cruz to Stand Down or Stand for Crimes

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I had hoped with the passing of a few weeks in Donald Trump winning the Republican Nomination for President that the mind rape of Cruz followers by Ted and Heidi Cruz, in their nefarious computer programming lists trained on the easily preyed upon, along with Facebook type psychological triggering would have diminished their fanaticism, but there are still pockets of absolutely deranged individuals, who are still being spiked by Ted and Heidi Cruz, now to criminal misconduct.

The latest is from a site called SAVE OUR PARTY.

These are the ring leaders.

Save our Party Leadership Committee


Chris Gramm, Esq - Delegate, Illinois

Patrick Harlan - Delegate, Illinois

David Hullinger, Alternate Delegate, Illinois

Ian Bayne, spokesman, 773-789-7024

These criminals are now advertising going underground to avoid the Cincinnati Convention at an undisclosed location.

Therefore, we will-


Organize separately as delegates to the 2016 Republican convention at an undisclosed location until such a time as we can not be held to a vote for any particular candidate;


Work together to agree upon an acceptable nominee...

There is a problem in this in what this group is advocating is a crime. There is the official Republican Party led by Reinse Priebus of Wisconsin. This organization has rules which are legally binding. One becomes a delegate under rules, and are voted upon in binding contracts called elections, for a delegate to appear at a Convention and vote as the voters of their State have charged them with for a particular candidate.

Think of this as, Ted Cruz is voted upon to serve in the US Senate. Cruz can not just go off with Bernie Sanders and create his own Congress and start installing their own President, Supreme Court and declaring war. That would be criminal, and besides impeachment, this would bring federal criminal charges.

Ted Cruz has been fomenting much of this intrigue behind the scenes. That reported meeting of Ted and Heidi with benefactors in marching orders for their "agenda" was damning, and since that time we have witnessed that poor deluded Ben Sasse of Nebraska destroy himself politically for Ted Cruz, and even more bizarre lunacy from Erick Erickson at Red State announcing that Ted Cruz has enough delegates to win now on the first ballot.
That is an absolute lie and it is as tormenting these poor deluded Cruz fanatics in promising them things like the Mahdi is coming to Tehran in pulling rabbits out of hats.

There comes a time when free speech is murder in yelling FIRE in a theater. There comes a time when political dissent becomes treason and sedition. That time has now been reached by Ted Cruz along with this last stunt by his supporters in Illinois.

This has now reached criminal violations in no one can just go off and have their own GOP convention, and disrupt the established GOP convention which Republicans have voted in, to achieve the result of Donald Trump as the Nominee.

Chairman Reinse Priebus must stand up in this and inform these Cruz followers that this ends now, or they will be removed from being delegates and banned from the Republican Party for subversive acts. Ted Cruz must be sat down and ordered to disavow the actions of these supporter and made to follow through on his pledge of supporting Donald Trump as Marco Rubio has, or Ted Cruz must not only be removed from the Republican Party, but face impeachment this summer in being removed from the US Senate over his criminal plotting and disruption of the US Elections.

If this is not handled by Mr. Priebus, then criminal charges must follow as it is a high crime to disrupt American elections.

Ted Cruz has literally ruined himself, and any chance he has politically in America ever again. He is a pariah, a reprobate and scoundrel, in this scheming to defraud the American electoral system and his absolute reprehensible assault on this unbalanced followers pushing them to crimes in their Cruz created derangement.

Insanity is no defense in this, and if Ted Cruz will not disavow this and put a stop to it, then let the federal indictments follow and may Ted Cruz be impeached in the United States Senate.

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