Tuesday, June 7, 2016

FLWB: Fat Little White Boys

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

You do remember the 100 Day Assault on Donald Trump by the GOPliters right? 

Have you noticed anything about the walk back of Newt Gingrich in attacking President Elect Donald Trump after endorsing for the Vice Presidential slot?

I will give you a hint:

Newt Gingrich: Little Fat White Boy

Erick Erickson: Little Fat White Boy

Bill Kristol: Little Fat White Boy

Ben Shapiro: Little Fat White Boy

Glenn Beck: Little Fat White Boy

Ben  Howe: Little Fat White Boy

Mark Levin: Little Fat White Boy

Dave Blount: Little Fat White Boy

It seems there is a market in the cuck traitors of America in the GOPliters purchasing little fat white boys.

See the weak link in this is Dave Blount, the little fat white boy funded over at Moonbattery in his vitriol, because his little fat white brain, filled with lotsa fat brain tissue, blurted out an exploitation of the "problems" the little fat white boys have with President Elect Donald Trump, in the few select traitors............Newt Gingrich, Paul Ryan, Reinse Priebus walking back their 3 hour old endorsements.

Coordination, more than one event to set a pattern, and little fat white boy Dave Blount going scorched earth on this again. That is a collusion pattern, and it reveals that one of the GOPliter smear jobs against Mr. Trump has been in this 100 day of Ted Cruz, to not just have little fat white boy Bill Kristol promote little fat white boy Mitt Romney, little fat white boy Ben Sasse and little fat white boy David French, but to have little fat white boys endorse Donald Trump, and then choose Mexican illegal Judges to defend in race baiting, and then have them come out and inappropriately attack Mr. Trump, in the little fat white boy pud patch.

You remember that little fat white boy, that Mr. Trump's campaign fired in Rick Wiley for attempting to sabotage it. That is just one of the many criminal collusions against Mr. Trump from the inside.

I contemplate as you do too, in just what could the GOPliters be bribing and offering these little fat white boys to sell their souls over? Is it like Boss Hogg from the Dukes of Hazard in  being offered up a fat pork pie? Is it a little fat white boy dream of a Little Debbie? Or is it like little fat white boy Dennis Hastert, in all these little fat white boys get their own little fat white boys to bend over and stick it where the sun does not shine?

Little fat white boys, apparently like the things offered by the traitors of America and sell out these United States, for whatever appeals  to these little fat white boys.

The little fat white boy cucks on parade, colluding, coordinating, and not too bright, as little fat white boys never are.

Law Firm and Judge bringing Trump U case both tied to La Raza...
FLASHBACK: Sotomayor said ethnicity 'will make difference in our judging'...
LORD: Race-driven association exactly what's wrong with legal system...
Ryan calls Trump attack 'textbook definition of racist comment'...

Illinois Senator 'Unendorses'...

...and now even the little fat brown boys are brave enough on this 100th Day Election Scheme of the GOPliters to smear President Elect Donald Trump.

It is time for these treacherous politiwhores face the full fury of the United States Justice Department for High Treason and Crimes Against Humanity, to be indicted, tried, found guilty by their statements today and executed by the United States Federal Marshals and their corpses adorning Pennsylvania Avenue in this collusion against America, Americans and President Elect Donald Trump.

This was all planned out to endorse Donald Trump and then create this smear on the last day for the primary season. Mr. Trump in Reverse Speech stated he knew there was an evil behind this, and now you have before you the proof!!!