Thursday, June 30, 2016

Stop Watching and Start Deporting

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In projecting out the actions of traitor Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House from Wisconsin, it would appear that Traitor Ryan is about to be primaried in the coming election and booted out as was Eric Cantor.

The problem in this is Traitor Ryan is progressing a basic disarming of Americans, which first surfaced under Bobby and Jack Kennedy, when they placed an American into a mental institution, put him on trial for being "insane" for being Conservative.

The House will vote on a counterterrorism package that will include a provision to prevent suspected terrorists from buying guns, Speaker Paul D. Ryan told Republicans on a conference call Thursday, according to a source on the call. 

The House, when it returns next week from its July Fourth recess, will also vote on a mental health bill , sponsored by Pennsylvania GOP Rep. Tim Murphy, Ryan told his House colleagues. 

Republicans believe terrorism and mental illness have been leading causes of most mass shootings. 

So now the GOPliters for Obama are putting forward linked legislation defining what is "crazy and criminal" and linking it to the ownership of firearms.

I will repeat in this, that the Second Amendment states SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. That includes every Citizen can not be banned from owning arms or weapons. Any law infringing on that Constitutional Right is without foundation.

This though is about linking "no fly lists" to "no buy lists", as this is about crazy people and terrorists are committing mass shootings. The problem in all of this is, is that not all Americans are Donald Trump who are billionaires who can hire attorneys to fight for their rights in courts or have Secret Service protection.

Putting into place a no fly no buy list, or degrading the Constitution in that fraud group of the NRA which is advocating like Paul Ryan, "judicial review" is unConstitutional. There is absolutely NO JUDICIAL REVIEW provided in the Constitution for linking anyone to psychiatric evaluations or no fly lists.

The Right to keep and carry all arms is just that, an unconditional right. To do so otherwise is going to place everyone on 'no fly lists' literally, and then it will require 5000 years to have a judicial review, as everyone reading this, knows this is exactly how the system will be bastardized.

If those like Paul  Ryan do not appreciate the Constitution or in this case, President elect Donald Trump who does not comprehend after all the scheming he has had placed against him, does not comprehend how the Government of America can be corrupted to a regime against Americans, then Mr. Trump needs a review as Paul Ryan is deliberately conducting this unConstitutional terrorism of all Americans, in order to put into place an Obama framework of the RFK JFK machinations of throwing every Christian Conservative into a gulag for their beliefs.

All of this does point to good news in Ryan would not be bending at the waist to Big Koch unless he was about to be made a lame duck, and Wisconsin had better not let us down on this, as Wisconsin is gun toting country, and for Ryan to be engaged in calling Cheeseheads all insane and throwing them into prison, is not going to help him win a primary.
This too points to the  reality that even with Ryan gone, that Nancy Pelosi could pass this, which again means this fraud Congress would make Christian firearm's owners crazy and denying them their rights, but as that if factored out, this is one of the first signs that Donald Trump is going to be elected President, no matter who the democrats Ryan Obama must move now.

With that stated, this is an extremely dangerous action by this treacherous Paul Ryan against Americans. Ryan imports Muslim invaders, hands them 20,000 dollars to buy guns, and then goes after Americans put on no fly lists, because someone at NSA is still pissed  off at Art Simon from grade school for shoving their head in the toilet. That is the reality of NO FLY LISTS. It is bureaucrats terrorizing their bullies from the past or  ex sex partners from college.

The NRA has been nothing but a creeper erosion of Gun Rights. They are responsible for Obamacare and Obamatrade in Harry Reid being elected. Paul Ryan has now engaged in thee most Pyongyang assault  on Americans with image Obama.
It is to this  point that President elect Donald Trump stop listening to this Penthouse Ivanka murmurings of what they think, and become engaged with Citizens whose lives are hell in being poor, not having money to buy guns and not having money to appeal these intimidation lists which Americans are on.

If you do not want terrorists owning weapons, then throw them the hell out of America. Stop Watching them and Start Booting them.

I will state this again for Mr. Trump so he can have a Lame Cherry quote:

The solution is not No Fly No Buy, but Stop Watching and Start Deporting terrorists.

And as for being nuts in America, Americans have the right to be insane.  They can live in cat shit a foot deep, can believe Obama is a messiah, can follow Ted Cruz, but they can not threaten or assault others.......oh yeah they can threaten me, as that is protected.

The real problem in this which no one is addressing are the Facebook generated zombie, the Gary Johnson dope heads, the vaccine autistic and the regime NEA generated tards who are the threat to the Constitution as the Conglomerates put forward their Paul Ryans to genocide Americans.

Let us have laws against that Mr. Trump. Let us have enforcement of those laws against Paul Ryan crimes, image Obama crimes and Big Koch crimes.

Stop disarming Americans in no gun zones to make them targets and stop the Militant Homosexuals who created Omar Mateen in giving him an AIDS death sentence, so he had to return to Islam to find his only salvation as both Islam and Sodomy had abandoned him.

For the record, there has not been one American shot in these "mass shootings". They have all been Obamaniacs, liberal state employees and sodomites, who are for gun control and received by their liberal voting the exact measure of their death choices in life.

Mr. Trump, the Lame Cherry suggests that you put your children on voice mail until after the convention and order Baron to delete those mails daily, as the undo influence of Paul Manafort and the quislings have you alienated from the foundation of the Trump Party.

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