Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Mormon Money Traders

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a pattern arising in the anti Trump group, of a very rich, connected, controlling and malevolent religious sect which appears to be funding propaganda against Mr. Trump, and no it is not Muslims, and not it is not Jews, who are always blamed for everything, but it is Big Mormon out of  Utah.

Right Wing News was featuring a Washington Examiner "poll" by Bloomberg, yes Big Jew, in which Hillary Clinton was crushing Donald Trump across America. I actually bothered to research the poll and here are the damning revelations.

The sample was only 1000 people. There was absolutely no data on age, sex, religion or anything else, only that 250 of these people WILL NEVER VOTE and the other 750 might vote.

Does that sound like a correct voting sample, especially with additional notes added, that other polling data was collected "at night", in this telephone only poll.

The sample which Bloomberg ran was also  Republican 25%, Democrat 33%, Independent 37%. This sample reflects absolutely nothing of the American political landscape. It has 70% of the voters being liberals.

This group also trended toward, Healthcare, Terrorism, Jobs and Low Income, and yet they gave Obama a plus 50% rating, in the disaster America is in. It all points to the reality that these are the voters who put Obama into office, and do not want to admit their mistakes.
That with this sample stating that 68% judge America to be going in the wrong direction.

The sample went 45 to 43 in Clinton over Sanders. Again that is 88% of the vote, and Republicans do not vote in Democratic primaries.

If one factors this out, one understands that this is another rigged poll, and it publishes to the extent that image Obama quoted it in it's rant about "radical Islam", and it links directly to another story about Donald Trump having a "Mormon problem", which is Gary Johnson setting up camp in Utah, and more importantly all of the sins of Donald Trump.........but no mention of the adulteress, whoring, cheating, lying, criminal, Benghazi murderous in Hillary Rodham Clinton.

What this poll truly exposes is that Mitt Romney and the billionaire Mormon Mafia is what is behind a great deal of this anti Trump smear. This is the tap door to which leftist Gary Johnson is getting the cash dumps and press.

Polling is fraud which is obvious, but this poll is so skewed that it is a criminal act, and for all of this, considering what Ted Cruz pulled in Utah with Mormons, it is time that the Attorney General of these United States opens a Criminal Religious Separation division, to literally root out the criminal sedition which has been appearing for far too long from Ashkenaz finance, Saud Islam and now Mormon money traders.

There is a public interest in Truth. One can not just commit fraud in all of these polls which stack liberals against Trump voters, two to one. This is sedition and part of a collusion of actions intended to defraud the American voters of a free and fair election.

What this sample points to is a group of former affluent Libertarian dope heads and Liberal EQUALZ, with a dash of Mormon. It was deliberately staged for a Clinton Johnson showing, and once one understands this is bogus, then one understands the reality of this criminal act.

It is time to list once again the Mormon money train as enemies of these United States, as when the US Government declared war on Mormons for firing on Americans and inciting Indian terrorism in the mid 1800's. There is no difference between election terrorism, financial terrorism or 9 11 terrorism, which is what Big Mormon, Big Jew and Big Saud are engaged in.

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The Mormon War is a name sometimes given to the 1838 conflict which occurred between Latter Day Saints and their neighbors in the northwestern region of the US state ...

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