Sunday, June 26, 2016

Trump White Paper: AXIT

Since treaties are compacts between/among " the powers of the earth" of "separate and equal station" as stipulated in the Declaration of Independence, treaties may not be consummated with other than sovereign nations.

Thomas Jefferson was clear on this point: "If the treaty power is unlimited, then we don't have a Constitution. Surely the President and the Senate cannot do by treaty what the whole government is interdicted from doing in any way." Alexander Hamilton agreed: "a treaty cannot be made which alters the Constitution of the country or which infringes any express exceptions to the power of the Constitution of the United States."

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With President Donald Trump now surging the way for the liberation of Europe in the BREXIT vote victory for the United Kingdom from the corrupt European Union economic vampires (England paid over 12 billion pounds each year to the EU and received back around 4 billion in revenues.), it is time for Mr. Trump to put forward a liberation for America in AXIT.

The first treaty to be done away with is the extinction causing CITES Treaty signed long ago, which has caused great harm to American wildlife.

CITES - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, also known as the Washington Convention) is a multilateral treaty to ...

This treaty for example placed the bird species "cormorant" on the endangered species list. The cormorant is akin to the Norwegian rat or cockroach, infesting Chicago slums in America. In CITES though, cormorants are not abundant in Mexico, so Americans could not shoot these damned predators.
Literally in a state like Minnesota, the pelicans and cormorants eats millions of dollars in human food every year, and places a great burden on the food chain.
This is the type of nonsense which America has been engaged in. It includes insane policies that ivory from poaching when confiscated if burned, instead of marked and then the proceeds sold to benefit elephant habitat in Africa.

These regional and international treaties have been nothing, but a genocide upon everything American. NAFTA has been a disaster and the latest Obamatrade will have the same effect in the conglomerates economically raping Americans, working Asians to death, and all of us destroyed in the chains of this gulag.

I have a surprise for you in 2013 alone, there were 80 pages in a PDF file of NEW TREATIES the Obama regime put into place, and it is highly unlikely the US Senate voted on any of these treaties.

We have a treaty with Tanzania, concerning AIDS. Seriously what the hell is America making treaties about AIDS for costing America millions of dollars.
America has a nuclear treaty with Vietnam.
Guinea.......why America has a treaty to put US forces into there.
Argentina.......a treaty for the peaceful use of space....Argentina is not even in space.

Most of these treaties were about taxes, in the Obama regime hounding Americans, tracking Americans and arresting Americans.........yes there is a treaty with the United Kingdom to share your Visa and other personal information with that foreign country. So much for your illegal search and seizure rights as the Obama regime signed them all away.

This link provides over 500 PAGES in synopsis of Treaties America is involved in that none of us have any idea of, or that each of us is bound by.

All of these gulag treaties of Obama literally are illegal, because every treaty must be ratified by the United States Senate by a 2/3rds majority vote.

The President...shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur... Constitution of the United States, Art. II, Sec. 2

In this, President Donald Trump must negate the treaties of the Obama regime which have absolutely no benefit to Americans, and if any do, they must be placed before the United States Senate for ratification or defeat, as all of this has violated the Biblical rights of America, as America was never supposed to be involved in treaties with other nations to this extent.

There must be a full review, of every treaty, and those not benefiting America, they must be negated, as the President has full authority to defend America, the Constitution and the People from all enemies foreign and domestic.

It is now so economic chained that the IRS has it's own treaty division to hound Americans and whoever globally for taxes. Definitively, the power of America STOPS at her borders. America has no right to gather information on Americans overseas in foreign nations in order to collect taxes.

United States Income Tax Treaties - A to Z

United States Income Tax Treaties - A to Z. The United States has tax treaties ... This page provides links to tax treaties between the United States and ...

Review of treaties has shown for example that Mexico is in a state of war with America, having shattered treaties concerning Texas and the American southwest by invasion. Mexico breaks treaties as every nation has used with the conglomerates treaties with America to loot America. It is time that AXIT is the public policy of these United States, and these treaties be ended, renegotiated or for the betterment of Americans, obliterated.

Milestones: 1830-1860 - Office of the Historian

These events brought within the control of the United States the future states ... Under the terms of the treaty, Mexico ceded to the United ...

The abuse of the Obama regime, and previous conglomerates to use treaties to loot America or enslave Americans, must be ended immediately by February 2017. Liberty for Americans must be the mandate of AXIT.
Americans must be free to bribe foreigners for contracts, must be free as Yankee traders to engage in better deals, and the gulag laws of the 3rd world should never harm America, Americans or American wildlife.

AXIT is the treaty phase of taking America back and making America great again.