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Trump White Paper: Medicare Genocide

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There is an issue which most of you could  care less about, and most of you will be tuning out looking for some other porn to tantalize you, but the fact is this is one of the many Obama stealth policies designed to end the lives of Americans, when in any other form it would be legally classified murder.
This affects all of you, because it affects your inheritance and how much your parents and grandparent run up bills, because the Obama regime has been extorting money from them.

The genesis of this begins in a very efficient plan of President George W. Bush with a bi partisan Congress passed the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 AD in the year of our Lord.
MMA had included in it, MA or MEDICARE ADVANTAGE, which was a self funded program in which Senior Citizens could choose to participate in this additional coverage for pharmaceuticals to eye care coverage.

Since passage of the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003, seniors enrolled in the Medicare prescription drug program have been guaranteed access to “all or substantially all” of the drugs in several classes of pharmaceuticals.

This program though immediately became a fixation for Senator Obama from Illinois, as much as Obama's benefactors who lusted to regain control over this new program.

To make a complicated story, easy to understand,  the basis of this is simple. Everyone found this to be one of the government programs which worked and it became popular. It was working as it should, until Obamacare began being mandated, and two factors began inflicting on this program.

First: Obama looted 500 million dollars from Medicare to fund Obamacare.

Second: Obama began funding all of these invaders pouring into America, sucking up all of the funds which should be allocated to American Seniors, actually paying for this program.

It might not sound a drastic cutback in funding at .9% which began last year, but one has to understand the issue behind this. Take for example your local grocery store probably feeds 3000 families. The system is working, until Obama came along and took half the food out of the store for illegals, took money from your account to buy groceries and then placed another 1000 illegals into your grocery and expected there to be enough food.
So when your grocery starts jacking up prices in the store, due to demand, and you end up paying for less in this death sentence.

Literally the elderly who need medication to survive, and it begins with what the Obama regime was  targeting in auto immune drugs and drugs to treat schizophrenia. It has now expanded in all sorts of "cuts" or price increases, which has been a hallmark of the Obama regime crimes against Americans from the price of sugar, price of gas and your electric bill, which were all kickbacks to the Obama supporters.
In this case, the kickback is for Obama Mexicans and Obama Muslims sucking up all the resources which are supposed to be keeping Gramma alive.

This is something which is not some Republican issue or Democrat issue, as it was Charles Schumer who was protesting this with Idaho Senator Michael Crapo last year to no avail.

A bipartisan group of 19 Democrats and 21 Republicans in the Senate sent a letter last week urging the administration to keep payments at current levels.
People in the private plans “enjoy better health outcomes and receive higher quality care than their counterparts” in traditional Medicare, said the letter, drafted by Senators Charles E. Schumer of New York, the No. 3 Senate Democrat, and Michael D. Crapo, Republican of Idaho.

This entire Obamacare scam was precarious from the start. It raided Medicare in gutting it to attempt to finance it, but when this system starts having hundreds of thousands of illegals and hundreds of thousands more Mark Zuckerberg green card employees taking American jobs, it simply imploded and the sound of it is the literal death nail for American seniors.

The reality is, this is not some surprise to the Obama regime. Their teleprompter writers have been captured in interviews laughing at writing Obama speeches remembering the lies they told Americans in being able to choose and keep their doctors. Health and Human Services did not just appear out of the mists in this being unknown to image Obama, Michelle Obama, Val-erie Jarret, Joe Biden etc... The entire Obama regime received reports on this, was briefed on this, and knew blessed certain that Senator Charles Schumer, the 3rd most powerful Democrat in the Senate was against all of this rationed death to Seniors and the burden it places on their families.

Consider the facts in this, that with millions in Obama vacations, Joe Biden just on a vacation on taxpayer money to Ireland trying to be President, and Hillary Clinton not saying a word about this rationed death to Americans by gouging them to death in they can no longer afford medications, none in this conspiracy of the "change they believe in" has tried to protect American Seniors.

This honestly is like having scrambled eggs and trying to put them back into being eggs. When this came to my attention, I recoiled in a massive brain ache, as it is not acceptable in these times to just get behind a microphone like Rush Limbaugh and comment on things. These times require absolute solutions which Americans are looking for, because they are bewildered, scared and have no idea what to do, because there is no one inside government they can turn to, in this caustic crony Obama capitalism of the 1% who have the money like Hillary Clinton get the treatment and the medications and the 99% are put on the ice berg and told to float off and die.

I am seldom moved to write on subjects like this, because no one cares, and no one will read articles like this, as the majority only care about the big headlines. I believe  though I have the only solution in this, but it is a solution which dovetails into everything Donald Trump as President is going to enact.

The fact is America barely has enough money to fund it's own medical treatments. The remedy is then that these TB infected Muslims and Viral infected Mexicans must be denied treatment, no matter what the liberal courts try to implement. Americans are not responsible for treating other nation's diseased human refuse inside or outside America.
The first step then is America must prioritized Medicare, and the first step is to end the Obamacare seizure of all Medicare funds. The second step is then that Americans are given priority for treatment at hospitals and clinics. There are known data sheets on illegal cost and American costs, and this must be broken down weekly and when an American needs their medication for that week, the American receives the funding first, and if anything is left over, then the illegal could be treated, but the reality is they should be back in Mexico or Syria to be treated by their own medical funded clinics by the United Nations. Third, Medicare must be prioritized in a sub part group, that situations where someone going to the eye doctor every year, can make it 5 years, for the simple reason, someone needing heart medications will die if they do not receive them, and lower priorities can wait, as no one is going to be impaired to death in only visiting an optometrist every lustrum.

As stated the greater part of this will self rectify with Donald Trump as President and Paul Ryan primaried in August. Build the wall and the invasion stops. Place a moratorium on Muslims and the human traffick stops. Deport the refuse which is diseased and endangering America and place them on United Nations care in their host nations, and cut off all funding for illegals, and they will self deport.
Additionally place a per head license on conglomerates like Disney who import foreigners, and make Disney pay for these additional costs such as Obamacare at 20,000 dollars per employee in a sir tax, and these conglomerates will stop importing foreigners and American who are 95 million unemployed will begin working, paying into Social Security.
I would add that no IRS refund checks will be granted to illegals or non citizens. That stops that money drain on resources.

With Mr. Trump and Congress addressing Obamacare in it's genocide or as Sarah Palin predicted and it is the rationed death, once again the entire weave of this genocide of Americans begins to unravel and Americans begin to be cared for again in their old age and employed in their working age.

Heritage Foundation records that it costs America 54 billion dollars in these illegals alone in costs to America. That money should be funding our Senior Citizens who worked for a retirement and security in America as that is what Social Security promised them. All of this can be fixed, and in this Trump White Paper it would require a few assistant secretaries to prioritize the coverage for Americans first, and then allow President Trump and Congress to begin the process of stopping this Obama vampire feeding on Americans in the type of change that Obama and his cronies believe in.

This is more than taking  America back, more than making America great again, it is making Americans first again in their own country to be employed and cared for.

This is criminal in what the Obama regime has engaged in, as much as the John Roberts Supreme Court has conspired with, because the Constitution guards life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of all Americans. Any law, executive order or agency mandate which infringes or impedes upon that is murder by collusion.

All of our elderly are being gouged in rising Medicare payments and supplemental insurance, while the Obama regime is handing out a reportedly 20,000 dollars to every illegal being dumped into America. Americans must be the priority to end this Medicare Genocide.

This is the Trump White Paper on this.

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