Monday, June 13, 2016

We who are not Mutton

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As a Christian, I am amused at propaganda in how things are manipulated to cement ideas into people's minds, like Ted Cruz being vouched for by false preachers, so the masses were engaged in all sorts of unChristian activities against Donald Trump and his supporters.

That is why the Mockingbird, the cartel propaganda wing which from the shadows scripts everything you hear from the pundits to the media to movies, had me laughing when the New York Post headline now equates the things that God destroys nations over in sexual perversion is "freedom" and the evil in this world are these Muslims doing the Phineas jobs of the Bible.
America like all nations will be Judged by God with invasion, loss of war and nationality for engaging in sexual perversion. It is why the cartel chose the protocols to destroy America, because in their working for satan, it is simply easier to have God destroy a nation who is a contender than risk their lives.

I contemplate ISIS, from the explanation of Veteran's Today, George McGovern volunteer, leftist voter and someone in love with Bernie Sanders, stating that basically there is no ISIS. ISIS was created as an oil for money laundering scheme, where Kurds were taking oil stolen from Syria and Iraq, and trucking it across the border into Turkey where it ended up in Europe.The money was then distributed to numerous traitors, including the leaders of the GOP and Democratic parties.

So all ISIS is, is a cartel intelligence operation, to foment instability, fear and a mindset in people, as a cover to carry on the things image Obama has been destroying the West with for almost 8 years.

In review then, the New York Post headline reads something like this:

A shadow intelligence wing of the CIA, created with image Obama and John McCain, an oil and money laundering scheme called ISIS, which was cover for numbers of operations around the world. The biggest being directed against Vladimir Putin and Russia in balkanizing that nation to submission.
ISIS uses the Muslim Marxist Mafia as cover and payoffs, where part of this scheme was for the Islamic elite, to dump all their infected with disease, lunatic and psychotic ilk, into the West and America, where mutton would be made of easy fodder in Paris, and liberals, especially sodomites in America, where the propaganda is now to be brainwashed into the right, that we have to stand up and protect sodomy, because the next step is to make pedophilia legal.

- Lame Cherry

That is the basic synopsis of what we have just been experiencing for years, and are now being sucked into.

I personally have some advice for Americans. Omar Mateen was not crazy or out of control. If you bother to read how he treated people in the communities he protected, the Caucasian women who bought him pizza and donuts, got extraordinary help and assistance from him.
Basically if you are straight, do not hang out in liberal gathering locations, the odds of your being in any danger from this Muslim uptick is nil.
Granted the Lame Cherry pointing out that fact, you may see a Muslim sent in to blast up some Church, but there is a cure for that, in if you go to Church, take your handgun with you. Pay attention to tan skin people who look new or are sullen, and do not wait around like a dope to make yourself a target.

I have a clue for all of you. If those degenerates were at home in bed at 2 AM, getting enough sleep to get up for 8 AM Church, none of them would be dead. Simple math isn't it?

The nice part in all of this is that Right Wing News, which could find endless cucks to attack Donald Trump, has gone silent now in the trolls have all fled and except for one woman posting on the Orlando event, nothing is on that site.

The fact of this is, Hillary Clinton, image Obama, Bernie Sanders are responsible for Orlando as is Mark Levin, Erick Erickson, Bill Kristol, Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney and the hosts of these others who have been savaging Mr. Trump for months over the Islamic question.
Omar Mateen was Democrat, he voted Democrat, and he felt America was out of control, so he spun out of control, because there was no order on the right.
It all adds up to a perception and a reality that trigger people. The Cruz Cult is a perfect example of normal people going off in doing things they never would.

The Lame Cherry is forced again to state this, because none of the politicians or clergy will. In the Bible, Omar Mateen would be have been praised by God and those progressing the hedonism in the West would have been condemned by the Prophets.
I did not inquire where Omar Mateen is, but I am certain in what the Bible teaches that all of the sodomites are now in hell awaiting Judgment, and I am certain that if Omar Mateen is in hell,  he is there not for shooting sodomites, but for denying Jesus as Lord and Savior. That is what the Bible teaches concerning the action and decisions people make.

As I pointed out long ago, the Muslim is going to arise to become the tool of gleaning against sin in America, because the Christian is flaccid. That is a much better situation as Christians are best pretending they are something they are not and would do more damage than trying to be some sword of the Lord, with all their dull bladed religion.

So Muslims are being triggered by the cartel to wipe out homosexuals in the Obama Clinton plan, as too may queers molesting children, takes all the mystique out of the elites like Hillary Clinton having their own little child to molest.

Some more advice, do not pet the Mexicans, do not pet the Muslims. If you have psychotic friends and family engaged in this, then shed them, or chances increase you will become a candidate for lead injections by firearms.

For my forensic studies, I await to witness if these Muslims will progress in evolution.  That is the only interesting thing in these attacks, as it is of no concern to me. I am not a sodomite. I do not take the Disney attraction to be part of some herd, so therefore I am in no danger like most of you, as we are not mutton.

Yes, we who are not mutton.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. Now you know what is going on behind the scenes, and hopefully will not text your day away in arguments over this non event.

PS: Endless interruptions over Muslim sodomites, but not one break in the programming for LaVoy Finicum in Oregon.