Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Spasm of Patriotism

The DNC had a spasm of patriotism.
PBS Mark Shields


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

After just listening to Bernie Sanders supporters screaming NO MORE WAR against the Hillary supporters screaming USA, drowning out a political officer in General Allen, I am moved to post some facts concerning a Muslim who was on stage before all of this mayhem, named Khazir Khan, the "father" of Captain Humayan Khan who was killed in 2004.

It was distasteful in the politicizing of the death of a family member to bastardize it for a Hillary Clinton vote and repulsive for a person not born in America, pulling out a Constitution and ranting at Donald Trump to "read the Constitution" and then have this foreigner misquote the Constitution.

I am going to focus on something in this "Muslim hero" who in all of Islam in  the Mideast would be defined as a traitor to the prophet and allah, in the father, laid out a scenario of Capt. Khan stepping toward something, as if he was in some type of ambush trying to save his men.

The problem is the official record shows the story at the DNC was bullshit. There was nothing heroic about this officer nor his death.

We open with the first reality:

Army Capt. Humayun S.M. Khan

Died June 8, 2004 Serving During Operation Iraqi Freedom

27, of Bristow, Va.; assigned to Headquarters, Headquarters Company, 201st Forward Support Battalion, 1st Infantry Division, Vilseck, Germany; killed June 8 after a vehicle packed with an improvised explosive device drove into the gate of his compound while he was inspecting soldiers on guard duty in Baqubah, Iraq.

In review, we have an officer so incompetent that he was not protecting his men, but had them lined up for inspection as Iraqi's were entering the compound and a vehicle which was not military had been brought into the secure zone.
Khan exposed his Soldiers to danger, extreme danger. This was not some patrol in the wild lands, but a base which was supposed to be secure.
After the bombing of the Marines in Lebanon, there is absolutely no excuse for this kind of dereliction of duty.

The following is a memorial filling in the details of the exact moment:

"Like I have so often before, I come to this web page to read and think about June 8th 2004. The events of that morning play through my mind over and over again. I had known CPT Khan for a brief 10 minutes as myself, SFC Rodriquez, and two of my soldiers were talking as the Iraqi workers assigned to my unit were coming through the gate. I saw the car sitting there on the road as I turned to walk away but didn't give it much thought. In the next instant I was face first on the ground showered by rocks and gravel. In the following confusion and chaos SFC Rodriquez stumbled out of the dust wounded and I pulled out a bandage for his neck and tried to help him as he called for help on the radio. Myself and another soldier rushed to CPT Khan but there was nothing we could do for him. We all did our best to help the wounded Iraqi workers and soldiers. I remember a young PFC that had taken a piece of shrapnel through his teeth helping me pull security. I asked him if he was okay and he told me "Sarge once everything is secure I'll get looked at." I can only echo what SFC Rodriquez has said what could any of us done differently. I did see the car but didn't say anything. I didn't realize it was a threat. I knew CPT Khan briefly but our lives will forever be linked. I am sorry for your loss."
SSG Maurice Jasmann of Co C 141 Engineers Task Force Trailblazers

Instead of focusing on security, making certain the "Iraqi's" were not a terror threat, this Muslim was busy lining up his Soldiers with an IED just a few feet away.

There is one rule for any officer and that is protect your Soldiers. This Muslim violated that rule and honestly should have faced court martial for his conduct.

Khizr Khan lied to Americans at the Democratic National Convention. Then again, that is not a surprise from 3rd world squatters inside America or the Hillary Clinton crowd, who do nothing but lie starting with Birther Obama or Hillary Clinton emails.

Wonderful example for America in women covered up like flour sacks.