Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Theme for Reckoning

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

A 21st century revolution in where Donald Trump needs to lead this world to save it from the Obama infernos of the abyss of hell, require a theme song. I prefer Broken English by Schaft, as the theme song of the incineration of London by the Vampire Nazi hordes.

What could be more beautiful than Hellsing, the story of Sir Integra Hellsing, protector of crown, church and country, against the vampyres of olde, all mixed in with the militant Judas Isacariots who serve the Vatican in bloodlust, Nazi corruption, and the most lovely of all creatures in the Major, Hitler's own protege, who loves war, who plans for the next dozen wars as he fights the current war he is nuturing, all against Dracula, the vampire pet of the English royals.

I do not believe any of you has yet fully grasped what awaits ahead. The Filipino President has an understanding in telling his people to take up guns and shoot every drug dealer. No election is going to stop evil nor is any rhetoric.

It is going to require strong men in this world of Christian nature, doing the work of Gideon, Samson, Phineas and Christ taking up the whip to drive the moneychangers from the Temple. It is going to take those in the masses unleashed, with the police state leashed, with Government sanctioned blood flowing, to cleanse the nations in a bath or righteousness, or the scales will weigh upon the nations, and slaughter the righteous with the iniquitous.

It is going to take a people who enjoy cleansing itself and killing, with rivers of blood. A people who will one day make jokes of who the skulls cap the lamp posts to light the evenings, and those who dared question such things, were the filler for pot holes as their skulls glow with the moon on every eve.

No one has reckoned yet all it will require. It will require a people who love the work the Government sanctions them to do and strike down every questioner as much as stepping on an ant.

Broken English. The download.

Broken English: Hellsing, London cleansed.

Let us melt down our silver and golden crosses, to bless the bullets of cleansing to save us from the great tribulation of war.

Will President Donald Trump understand who and what he needs to unleash to save the world from the anti Christ.