Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Cleveland Rocks

Cleveland Rocks

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Ever since I watched the Star Trek episode in which Mr. Spock explained the theory of time, that it was a like river in motion, with eddies and currents, which sweep toward events, I have had a fascination with what I term the matrix, as it is a community of living forms of various sorts, which impart to a living thing, a complex life form.

This is why when Dick Allgire in remote viewing noted that Cleveland would have riots and molotov cocktails, and it appeared Donald Trump would be driven from the city, I took notice, and I acted to protect the Cleveland mounted horses, as they witnessed these Hillary anarchists attacking the ponies and I simply could not have that.

In checking this out, I have noted that the Cleveland time line has been changed by me, by God's Grace, and of course the deal with Donald Trump made in including Mike Pence, as this has assured Mr. Trump the Presidency in this deal being worked out, in this group will not work to gain the election for him, instead of working against him.

Granted I am not a psy lord as Tim Rifat, and just a simple popular girl who has various skils from time lord to weather lord, but as long as the Cleveland ponies are safe, that is my concern.......and those nasty masturbation types who do not like Melania Trump, because they only had dates with Rosey Palms looking at centerfolds, can simply apply to Ivanka Trump's list of castration, and we can all enjoy the Scrotum Tower next to the Trump Tower.

We still have to see how Cleveland rocks, but if I have been successful again in altering the time line, then I have already begun to alter the other time lines. This is just simply different movement of events than writing about them alone.

I did view Donald Trump as well as First Lady Melania, and she was perfect in form and delivery, which infuriated those who thought this was a Hillary cake walk. Her mixture of Sovenian demure, in these peoples are not cuddlers, as much as the Germans are stoic, so her message reached the intended audience, in Melania Trump is the face of immigration that everyone desires.
As for President Elect Donald Trump, he was absolutely Presidential on stage. I have never seen him more in command and ready for the world stage. Donald Trump has realized he is President of these United States and is ready.

Now, Dick Allgire and company have viewed something for August. I inquired on what they saw by the clues Jeff Rense shared in food in short supply, trucking problems, and it appeared "in an area". I desire to check this again a few times, and look for the scientific data, because what current I was locked into was not a man made event, but natural, and it was not an earthquake.

I mention this as I still have window in thinking about altering it, but it is as Art Bell once wisely noted, if one influences a hurricane to not come on shore, will that mean that it will stay out in the Gulf and go Cat 5, making a worse scenario?

I feel not so fatigued today, but have a too busy few days ahead, and have to do an errand as soon as this post I suppose.......just need to get things sorted out so I can focus better, as for all I have been going through, I am not operating at 10% of my God given ability and that bothers me as I can not make mistakes and it feels crushed rock sloppy to me grinding things out.

Once again, my focus is on the animals. I like the elks, deers, squirrels, bunnies and my focus is on them.

It reminds me most of John Wayne on Big Jake in talking of a lightning storm coming before a hostage rescue in the line was, "It could help.......I could hurt too".

I have to move this beyond my prejudice and bias, but prejudice and bias in protecting horse police is a premium as the ponies never volunteered to be abused.


VIDEO: Father of Jamiel Shaw...

Any way, Paul Manafort is quite pleased having Ivanka on his leash as he whispered to Bob Dole at a bored convention.

Oh I wonder who it was that suggested Bob Dole night for the opening of the convention would be a great idea.