Wednesday, July 20, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am stunned after observing Ted Cruz, for Donald Trump provided Mr. Cruz the golden microphone to set Cruz's future, and for some reason, Ted Cruz wrapped his neck in the cord, jumped off the stage, and then beat himself to death.

I feel sorry for Ted Cruz, who stood on the stage trying to milk adoration which was not there, and then invaded a slain Texas police officers family's grief, followed by Mr. Cruz revisiting the smear against New York, then slapped New York delegates again in smirking at them, and then found a way to alienate not just the majority, but the Ted Cruz cult at the convention.

What Ted Cruz somehow managed on a political suicide bomber attack on Republicans and America, was to bring out a WE WANT TRUMP chorus, which sent Ted Cruz off the stage.

Donald Trump is pure class. Ted Cruz was only crass.

This is the end of Ted Cruz. He finished himself politically, and nothing could be better for Conservatives and the movement. I simply am stunned as I began this post with, that Ted Cruz destroyed himself like some Clinton lunatic who wrapped himself in the flag and set himself on fire.

The nice part is we will never have to watch this again, because as Eric Trump provided the shovel, Newt Gingrich filled the hole and Mike Pence tamped down the last dirt on the political grave of Ted Cruz.

Still stunned, as I never have observed a political suicide and only watched the footage of Jim Jones at Jonestown. Fortunately, the Cruz supporters threw the green kool ade to the floor at the convention, and refused to participate in Cruzicide




Heidi Cruz escorted out by security as crowd roars...