Wednesday, July 20, 2016

D 10 Don

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is pleasing to this blog to see the Trump kinder slipping out of the leash of Paul Manafort, in the landmark speech of Donald Trump jr, who shall hereby be forever referred to here as D 10.

For those who missed the D10 speech, of all he said, I smiled when he uttered the connection between the Trump family and people with shit under their fingernails and shit on their shoes, because that is what D10 is code for.

For those who still have no conception of what I am speaking of, every real working vocation in America has a codex of communication which only those with existential experience would be aware of. It is those little things which go over the top of your heads, which make those involved in industry perk up and say, "Wow that is one of our own".

Bright Stock.

Box Beef

Star Screw


Those are all different industries, just like the things you are involved in whether it is in shipping in Minnesota or computers in Texas, and each of you communicate in your field in ways only you understand and those around you. So when Donald Trump jr. dropped the D10 bomb, tens of thousands of people from construction, mining, forestry, road builders to contractors all perked up and had an immediate affiliation with the Trump family, because they knew exactly what machine this was, the way it sounded, the way it moves and they things it is capable of.

I will not take credit for moving the Trump family to his juncture in speaking out to the People of America, but that is exactly what Mr. Trump did in that speech. D10 spoke to every person told they could not be hired for not having a degree, every person who has their ideas stolen by some college boy, and every person who is unemployed because some foreigner got their job. That is what that entire speech was and every damned liberal missed it, as they were still stewing about that nonsense of lurch Obama has some monopoly on the words work and children in a speech.

Donald Trump jr informed the Silent Majority that the Trump family is one of them, and not of the billionaires. Mr. Trump spoke to small business people run out of business by Obama corporations and chamber of commerce cronies special favors which have ruined American job creation. He was speaking in code and none in the liberal media knew what the hell he was talking about, because they had been fixated on the message of, "Daddy Donald changed my diapers", while Donald Trump jr. was establishing direct contact with the 99% of Americans who are being destroyed by the Hillary Clinton 1%.

In the most suave and clever way, Donald Trump jr. spoke to Americans in a parlor language of an executive who cares who rose through the ranks. This is what Ivanka in her focus on the cocktail crowd appeal has been turning off Trump voters with in droves and disheartening them. Mike Pence is a disaster in this in he is the image most working people last see when told to get the hell out of the door so a Mexican is hired, as the daughter zooms by in the Mercedes. That is what was wrong with the Manafort tact, but that is how Donald Trump jr. turned it back to the People again, in a way that the media has no comprehension of.

D10 connected with the people, the way his father has and this is something which can not be disconnected, except by the Trump family.

The media does know, as in Cokie Roberts that those Trump children are a threat in appearing too much and having too much sway, but none of them realize the heart to heart the Trump children have, in it is not liberal touchy feely, but it is heart to heart in working people who understand what it is like to work for a company where you can tell the boss you need to get the supplies out of that low spot in case it rains or it will be Lake Trump, and the boss listens and appreciates it.

That is the thing about Donald Trump jr. He never talked down to the People as Newt Gingrich accused Donald Trump of in a simplified message for 4 year olds. Donald Trump jr. talked to people about the realities of life and how he understands them.
D10 did try and pretend to be a black, a woman, a hyphen like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama do constantly in not fooling everyone with their open cut sores. Donald Trump jr. based it on the Melania Trump common ground of parents teaching a child to work hard and you will be rewarded, something Americans have been cheated out of in Clinton, Bush and Obama.

So Donald Trump jr. has common cause with Americans. He knows what it is to smell of diesel. He knows what it is to sweat and stink. He knows what it is to hit the hydraulic and bury the blade about slugging the cat, and face the smiles of your co workers shaking their heads at enjoying your mistake, because they were laughed at too. 

The Trump family is genuine and that is what America responds to. The liberals know by instinct that they are responding too in loving the Trump family, and are frantic in this Melania Trump red herring, because Melania Trump is bringing in the women's vote which the Clinton campaign needs to stand a chance. Yes call that another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter as no one has informed you of what is really behind this attack on Melania Trump, but that is it. A fictional charge to cloud the issue to try to keep real American women from voting for First Lady Melania Trump, instead of the Second Lesbian in the Huma and Hillary grapple.

D10, you did a good job. Now you need to do a great job every day to November elections.

Donald Trump jr. just rolled over Hillary Clinton, flattened her, and buried her campaign, and the coughing cow has no idea any of his happened as she dwells in Oz Wizards.

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