Friday, July 15, 2016

#HorseLivesMatter in Cleveland

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I really have no compassion for the Mutton in France, because as one reviews the photo, all I see are a mongrel race which has been so bred down and thinned by Ashkenaz wars, that they are too stupid to run when it matters.

Seriously, it is obvious to all, that the intelligent French all colonized America or were slaughtered in wars afterwards, because if one takes out the ethnics in the above, all you have left are these low eared, low intelligence group of sheep, who perform exactly like sheep.

Yes I have had it with Dr. James Fester and his continuous "every event is crisis actors" and his new take on this the dead in the street were dummies as in manikins,  but seriously if you have observed these French socialists for generations like his Frank Hollande, you can't tell the difference between him and a plastic clothes dummy.

I do not see why image Obama has flags down in America, as this is nothing to do with America. If stupid Americans are still in France or Darwin candidates are still gathering in mobs after all the terror attacks, then that is not to be mourned. This is to be celebrated as the human herd can not wait for the return of the saber tooth cat to eat off the cull brains, so what better group than these Islamists......and that is why the Khazarian mafia chose them, as the Muslim is so inbred, that one can get them to do anything violent and wait around to be exterminated.

I was reading the UK press releases in real time feed on this, and I found it all comic relief.  The continuous story in this read like this:

"We were sitting in a French snobbery locale when this herd of French mutton came running by, screaming in French.
 We asked the sheep what was happening, but the sheep just kept bleating in French and running........oh and they kept bleating RUN, RUN, RUN.
Eventually, French police came running by bleating RUN RUN RUN, too.....and in this someone actually explained  there  had been an attack and people should RUN, RUN, RUN."

It reminds me of the Bible in 1 will make a 1000 of you flee, and sure as hell in France, those sheep ran over each other and were stomping on dead kids.

Seriously though, after like 1 kilometer of this, would you not think that someone hearing screams, seeing a big white truck, shit flying through the air, would RUN or for at least survival of the fittest in the 3 second down time of the human brain, have it scream, "Grab your loved one and get out of the way!" ?

These southern French though just stood there and must have thought this was part of the Bastille Day show. It is a very good testimony to the French social education, in they wait around to be murdered, and after it is all done, they scatter like rats, screaming RUN, RUN, RUN, with the brave police behind them, terrorizing the entire population.

At the moment I am not in a pleased mood in Donald Trump thinks he is leader of something, but that something has decided to take off packs and let Donald walk into the sunset's red glare in this Mike Pence nonsense. How can anyone be pleased in this world when the leader of it is acting worse than George W. Bush.
Again SERIOUSLY, George W. Bush at least picked that murderous Dick Cheney who shoots his friends. Mike Pence's greatest achievements in life are marrying a woman with a horse face and dressing up as the Easter Bunny. Seriously, Mr. President Elect Trump, what the hell are you going to delegate to Mike Pence to pass in Congress? Fag Easter egg day to be followed by dressing up in costumes with Vladamir Putin?

I do feel my appetite whetted though, as of course the entire matrix is in all of this French mutton, tenderized by the grill of a truck. We must have more of this, and more we will have............unless of course the Lame Cherry changes the Remote Viewing time line.

Was it not just yesterday that the Lame Cherry contacted Governor John Kasich's office registering an inquiry to keep the Cleveland Police Horses safe? It makes no matter to me what humans die, as they are wetware which engages itself into the jaws of death. Ponies though are there by brute force and have no say in the matter. So we must protect the horses......any way I no sooner make it an issue, and the whole brick shit house of law enforcement hits Cleveland.

CONVENTION DRAMA: Cleveland activists wary of city plans to process thousands of arrests...


After Nice, Feds Say 'NOTHING Left To Chance'...

Hell the only people not being deployed to Cleveland now is Roy Rogers and Trigger, and I think they are just waiting for the grave digger permits to bring them along too. Yes one Lame Cherry time line change and Dick Algire fame, and here comes the Secret Service to everything that has had sex with a prostitute or eaten a donut.

I am all for this, as nothing is lovelier than having Law Enforcement shooting reams of zombie. All that smokeless gunpowder smell, the symphony of gun fire and the chorus of bullets cracking, and screams with the streets painted crimson........makes one almost desire to be Nazi survivor so they could enjoy it all.

I just do not get what Black Lives Matter is bitching about, as I count like 7 darkies in the above, but BLM was upset it was all French white wool dead. The advice on this then is for all the Afroids not going back to Africa, to converge on Cleveland and make dead Afroids the front page headline.

Now we will have to see my children and my brats if in order to save the horses of Cleveland Police Department, I have sufficiently changed the time line so the Soros anarchists are not going to be able to burn down Cleveland, and chase Mr. Trump back to Trump Towers where he will have to hide out, before appearing like the Pence nomination, to accept the GOP nomination in New York, as that is what the plot was in all of this.

Such a slave I am. Donald Trump disobeys and I still am saving him.........then again it was those lovely Police Horses that this was all about.

Oh one more thing as you probably missed it.....Someone might have published here about the VP announcement being asstard as one Orlando event would wipe it out.......and then within that day such an event changed all that non drama, and make Donald Trump look very weak.
I bring this up, as I do apparently know the matrix just a little bit.

Algeria was so much nicer when Patton had his tanks rolling across it and Algerians were in Algeria.

We though must have more of this as civilization has ended, and the Feds are bringing in the big firepower to Cleveland after the Lame Cherry moved the time line again. I know the Afroid will not be able to think big, but I wonder if all the Obama terrorists being dumped into America will be able to take this to a knew evolutionary level.