Friday, July 15, 2016

No need to Mass Murder

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

"Everything is a blessing from the Lord for the children of Christ".

- Lame Cherry

Being in poverty I have a mess. Well I had a mess from my dad in a patch of ground outside our house where he used to feed cattle, so it was a duff pile of weeds, which I used to put corn into, and then sod planted grass into it, and then being poor the horses ate the grass off to the crown and then weeds bloomed to burdocks galore which put thorns in my eyes as I cut them down to burn them.........and it was a mess, because being poor I have no equipment to deal with the weeds.

Spraying is out as I can not afford 60 bucks for the LV 6 spray and Baby Belle and Baby Daisy are there, and I do not want herbicide poisoning by I fell behind because this blog requires a great deal of time.

So the weeds grew........burdocks.........big mothers......the mother of all burdocks.....thousands of them if not more.

So I have this tile spade.....that is a long nosed spade which is round and meant for cleaning out culverts and drainage tiles of dirt........and the Holy Ghost said, even though last year it hurt my shoulder, to go out and just slice into those roots instead of hacking at them, so that is what I started, and you know......
Well you will know because I tell you, but you know, I enjoy this killing weeds that try to poke my eyes out.

I just finished a patch by the path I go to the garden on, and it looks nice. Yes it is a great deal of work, but with patience this is my plan, so Daisy and Belle will not be full of burrs again and my eyes will not be endangered..........or me, as Lord did those piles of weeds go inferno. I suspect it was like 5 million BTU's in some of those piles. Lots of flames and lots of heat to keep you a ways back.

So all of this anti American stuff against Donald Trump does get frustrating. So much work for people with money to come in and ruin, because people with money always think they have the answers, when all they have is money and people who want their money lying to them that they are brilliant, so they get money from them.
One of the problems here is I tell citizens the facts, and the rich people for the most part do not like hearing what they are, so they just feed in the bushes to their doom as they do not donate.

Any way, if you got a shovel and a patch of weeds, as most people have dandelions, you really can work out all sorts of frustrations on weed killing. I suspect that Muslims do not have enough to do like homosexuals, and that is why they get into these rages and get themselves into trouble.
All they need is  shovel, and a patch of weeds, and all that frustration would be worked out, and when they were done, they can look back at all that dead plant matter, and feel validated in they accomplished something. Certainly more than shooting up places or being a bullet stop for the police state.

In the poverty I am stuck in, I have really perverse people who show up thinking they can bat the poor gal around to vent their frustrations, instead of going out and weeding. Some liked to donate a dollar at a time with some bitchy note and others like threatening notes and get upset when I stuff the money back.

See there is lots of weeding going on, in lots of abusive people who think they can get away with things, in treating people like weeds.

I just treat everyone the same. Saves on trying to figure out who to lie to and who not to lie to. Just like the weeds, I treat them all the same as weeds expect to be weeded as that is what they are for.

I hope this is not the summer project, but it will be good therapy to get out and the other plants will thank me as they do not like being killed by weeds, no more than anyone else does on two legs or four.

Sort of what I hope a President Trump does in weeding some things.

Well enough of that, as I have a spider, a Grand daddy long legs coming this way as she is going on a walk about to explore the world we live in. So that means this gets wrapped up as I start thinking about another one hundred burdocks going back to the ground they grew from.

Nuff Said