Friday, July 22, 2016

Pence Wins / Trump Wins

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have mentioned the Cherry Doctrine that there is no such thing as a cockerboy Limbaugh low information voter, because voters who do not give a damn about things wonks do, care about things of the jungle.

What do I mean by this? I explain it as if you are on the plains of Africa, do you want to go cuddle a giraffe or a hyena? Ugly matters and there is a 15% vote margin in this, in a percentage of the public votes for pretty.
Sometimes it is in who they want to be their daddy, sometimes it is who they want to have sex with, sometimes it is who might be someone they could confide in, but it is all in that 15%.

So it comes down to looks in the election in what people trigger in "they like".

Therefore the reality is in how one picks the winners in the 2016 election and it is simple.

Look at Mike Pence and Hillary Clintons top one eye brow Russian mafia looking Tim Kaine. Pretty simple in if you had to choose a place to sit down and two chairs remained, and one was Pence and one was Kaine.........Americans would pick Pence.

Now look at Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. You know by instinct that you just want to be around Donald Trump, because you wonder like a hyena if Hillary Clinton is going to bite your head off.

That is the reality in the 2016 elections. Mike Pence is the guy as Vice President who you would pick to be around, and it is Donald Trump that you would pick to sit beside. That is 15% points in any election and if you look at the majority of races, it is always the better looking it makes you wonder really what kind of odd creatures that Kaine defeated.

Wonks and party affiliation account for a majority in the statistics, but what puts people into political winner columns, is not independents or minority voters, it is that 15% who vote always for the winner....and in a margin sufficient enough that an election can not be stolen from them.

Obama stole 2 elections, because because John McCain was a fat old man at 10% brought in by Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney who was a fat old white man at 5%, because he had that cancer looking Paul Ryan.

So in this the Lame Cherry Doctrine in all factors points to Donald Trump and Mike Pence win the President and Vice President.