Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Asset of James Comey

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

FIB Director, and I do mean FIB Director James Comey never intended to do anything but protect Mrs. Clinton in this "investigation" as much as Trey Gowdy or Darrel Issa. It is all the same grouping.

The infamous challenge to President George W. Bush, had nothing to do with protecting Americans from surveillance, but from protecting the elite from being caught up in information gathering in their stooges, the way Ron Brown was implicated and later taken down.

Once one realizes the fraud involved in this, it is the same apparatus which murdered LaVoy Finicum and is now using the US Courts to "death by prison time" of the Bundy group, one finds the facts that you will remember ALL of these FOX insiders brainwashing every person that the FBI would resign in this great drama if Mrs. Clinton was has the reality of more of the reality of how corrupt America is.

This is what inquiry points to. Yes Loretta Lynch is on the short list for the Supreme Court.........Comey is just the police state enforcer unleashing the FBI on Americans.

Oh but look for the "outrage" from inside the FBI in leaks sanctioned by Mockingbird, to con the Cruz cult that "Yes we must believe in the FBI as it is only one corrupt official at the top".

Inquiry points to in James Comey that you are looking at your next Director of Homeland Security. There really is quite a good rewards program for joining the Hillary Crime Syndicate. Lynch waits around for SCOTUS, Comey gets Homoland. Sid Blumenthal will be Chief of Staff and Huma gets to sit on Hillary's lap.

I would write more of this, but there really is nothing interesting in this. It is just a few more insights, of everyone with a brain can now comprehend. Stop focusing on James Comey, but remember who has been feeding you stories about FBI resignations. It was all propaganda to get you to like Ted Cruz green eggs and ham to have you stand still, take another defeat, be confused and add one more chain to your neck.

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