Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Cuck with the Over Byte

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I would not have come upon this story unless TL had not been on Facebook and picked up a number of shares concerning this story.

Oh my: Federal judge rules Virginia
delegates aren’t bound by state law
requiring them to vote for Trump

Hot Air, by Allahpundit

Original Article
Posted By:LittleHoodedMonk, 7/12/2016 12:56:23 AM
Dude, this is just the break #NeverTrumpers needed to advance their master plan to nominate, um … no one. There’s no replacement nominee and never has been, remember? (Snip) Virginia can’t require Republican National Convention delegates to back Donald Trump, a federal judge in Richmond said Monday, though he made no ruling on whether the party can itself bind its delegates. U.S. District Judge Robert Payne said the Virginia state law requiring delegates who oppose Mr. Trump to vote for him next week at the party’s convention creates “a severe burden” on First Amendment rights.

Trumps march to the nomination is being detoured by some bizarre rulings. Where exactly is all this misdirection being developed?

This story was immediate in talking points from the Ted Cruz Cultists starting with National Review, but the interesting thing is the Trump campaign site posted the real ruling and the ruling had in fact stated the delegates has to vote as the States had voted.

This is interesting because all the #NeverTrump harpies were in on this from Lucianne Goldberg's site, HotAir and National Review, but even more interesting is these stories were all pulled and unless I happened to search the history of my browser, these archived stories disappeared.

The damning part in this, is it reveals the close working interconnection and how someone who was feeding them the talking points, posted to these cucks a story which was absolutely wrong.

Drudge Report NEVER ran these stories or the reality that delegates had to vote as States had voted. One would think this would have been a huge victory for Mr. Trump, but the story was ignored, because this syndicate of smear literally either had someone deliver the wrong message to them, or they were expecting an outcome for their intrigue and NEVER bothered to check the court records.

That is what is of interest in this, in this bogus story literally revealed who has been on the Cruz Cult mailing list in this intrigue, and how the rest of the media which is supposed to be "on our side" or "Hillary's side" never said a word about this to ridicule these insiders in their fake story.''

These are the public faces of the cucks who are the billionaires, and everyone of them was covering their asses or having their asses covered for them by their media insiders.

It was interesting in the worst of the lot in Dave Blount, John Hawkins and that Warner Todd Huston did not appear on Right Wing News, as usually they can not post offensive stories about Mr. Trump fast enough........meaning they were either asleep or are now out of the loop, and that is why their attacks on Donald Trump have ceased.

We have before us though the tracks of this treacherous group, and the intrigue of who their minder is that made them all look like fools, and had them backpedaling fast and hard within 30 minutes of these lies being run.
It exposes that NONE of these sites which you are looking to for information checks any facts before they post things. It means that stories are pre written, with foreknowledge, by someone on the top scripting propaganda for them.

I ask each of you to NEVER FORGET the above, because this blunder was an insight to how this entire smarmy process works, in it is all pre packaged. Seriouslyl, how hard is it to run a search engine and to read a ruling when that is what your 5 and 6 figure salary is for? Then again, it appears all of this is pre scripted and the trolls being paid the high dollars to brainwash you are only putting them names on things which were written long ago.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.