Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Trump White Paper: Checks and Balances

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The TL came up with an idea for all of these regime agencies which spend billions and no one is being helped in the least, but instead are being terrorized by them.

The solution in this which we have hashed out is simple and comprises this Trump White Paper in the following:

Presidential Directive 
Executive Order 1

Be it known that the President in order to promote the checks and balances of the Federal System with full cooperation of the United States Congress, hereby orders that every department in the United States Government, in off year elections, every 4 years, will be put before the People's Representatives for an up or down 2/3rds majority vote to retain that department in the United States Government.

If the Congress can not be prodded or protected by the People to garner enough support for an agency in being a vital necessity, then that agency is nothing the majority of the People are benefited by, and will then immediately be abolished.

This will include an up or down vote all cabinet agencies, and departments not mentioned specifically in the United States Constitution. These reviews with votes will take place in September of Congressional off year elections for the House, and failure of the Congress to vote on these departments will invoke immediate cessation of that department.

Forthwith, the Executive will retain a line item veto to abolish said agencies within departments that the Executive deems a burden upon the American People.

The People will be heard in their Congress voting or not voting, and this Government by the People, of the People and for the People will established for the People's Enterprise.

President Donald J. Trump
United States of America


It is highly doubtful those blackmailed treacherous cowards in Congress could  unite any year to pass a 2/3rds majority in any House. In that, everyone will have cover from the Executive to the Legislative to rid America of hundreds of billions of dollars of "welfare jobs" for the civil servants and vote buying for special interests.

It is reality that the Federal spending could be halved by this measure.

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