Friday, August 19, 2016

An Interview with Vice President Jamie Beutler Herrera

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Donald Trump's choice of Jamie Beutler Herrera has been remarkable in her rallies almost rival Mr. Trumps fantastic numbers, and after mopping the floor with Tim Kaine, Mrs. Herrera sat down with us for a few moments in her busy schedule of a mass rally in Washington bringing in 100,000 Republicans and Democrats.

Thank you for sitting down with us Mrs. Vice President Elect.

You are most welcome.
As we do not have a great deal of time, concerning your popularity across America as the next Vice President, let us just delve into the hard questions of how are you with President Trump going to start America's economy growing again, after this horrendous Obama Super Depression?

That is extremely easy in I will bring my 45 Colt to the House and inform Paul Ryan the way things will be, in there are three things which we will pass immediately.

1. The elimination of Capital Gains taxes for the entire period that President Trump is in the White House. This will free up trillions in offshore corporate moneys and free up money held hostage in stocks and properties.
2. The immediate construction and mining of coal reserves to make America energy independent, and to begin the jobs creation, with energy deflation in America.
3. A works project administration where public infrastructure will be funded, and the money from welfare will be channeled to those jobs in people will be showing up for work, instead of unemployment.

Now let us visit foreign policy, how do you deal with the tensions in Russia.

Again an extremely easy process in we will dispatch, Dr. Kissinger, Stephen Cohen and General Flynn to Moscow to convey to the Russian Government that the Trump Administration places them on the highest priority.
We will offer to remove the missiles from the Russian border in asking Russia to assist America with Iran in dealing with the Iranian Shahab missile threat.
We will ask for Russian initiative to provide a self determination zone in eastern Europe which will be Slavic in their own security apparatus, where NATO and the Kremlin will not ever place bases.
 We will move to coordinate for the security of the Mideast in ending Islamic militantism

Speaking of the Mideast, what can be accomplished there.

The return of strong leadership in the Mideast is essential. The Obama regime has degraded this to community organized Islamocommunists which have now brought about the Islamic invasion of Europe and America.
Our Administration will move to Safe Zones to deal with the invasion and seeks to return to normal political evolution of stable regimes which will deal with terror in their own lands.
The issue of Israel will be one, where in this jumble of borders, that the Sinai will be set aside for the Philistines to provide a buffer of Jew Muslim interaction, and we will move to have the Israeli state to open to Christian Jewish immigration.

And what of Barack Obama as his name came up?

Mr. Obama is the image of all that is not American. He will be exiled for his crimes to a US protectorate with a non media mandate, and if it is violated, he will be placed in Gitmo.

Finally Mrs. Vice President, what about the Latin invasion of America?

Simon Bolivar stated long ago that the Latin was not ready yet for full democracy. The destabilization of the Obama years and this foreign slave trade for the Chamber of Commerce  will cease. Our Administration will under the OAS move to bring stability and cottage industry to these Latin nations so the people there will have opportunity to become wealthy and remain in their own lands.
America's borders will be secure and no matter the illegal status, they will be made to withdraw and then enter America again legally. The same situation is for the conglomerates who have replaced Americans with foreign workers. This stops in an immediate license of 100,000 dollars per green card work on these businesses. Take the profit from the business, and Americans are attractive employees.

Thank you Mrs. Vice President for this short interview.

You are most welcome.