Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Can Irish Setters Change Remote Viewing Time Lines

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I thought I should post that twice.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a continued personal conversation in examination of the reality of Dick Allgire's time line which viewed riots, fire bombs and horses being assaulted in Cleveland and or Philadelphia, with the scent of "pot smoke".

In not having limitless bandwidth in being  to study Gaytube vidoes, the scent of marajuana caught my attention and red flags, as I now contemplate if the GOPliter's intended to 'hand out' laced roaches with other chemical stimulants to turn the rent a mob into the same zombie which Obama was drugging up and using in Syria to murder 400,000 people.

It points to why Allgire was not correct, is his alert might have been posted by someone named Lame Cherry who by God's Grace changed the time line, and removed the catalyst of the said events.

I was interested in the Gaytube comments though, in no one apparently noticed the Lame Cherry on the radar and in their arrogance just pronounced Allgire and company "wrong". Allgire was right, but someone assisted in by God's Grace in changing the time line to protect the ponies.

Remote Viewing AUGUST - US City Blasted?

As I have not viewed the above, what Jeff Rense has been hinting at was Dick Allgire for August is viewing a major event in a coastal US city. I will if given time begin exploring this again, as my inquiry was only producing a Mt. Hood time line, and in looking to Gordon Duff's nuclear toy project, located a time line for four central US cities to be attacked......but again that appeared to be a vanishing point time line.
So Dick Allgire is a mystery to me in what his group is witnessing. I will though fire up the way back machine and see if something is appearing as now a collective conscience is beginning to focus on the remote viewing to charge it.

Perhaps if their were Irish Setters involved to save them, I might have interest in this ground zero event, but when it is so much skinwear which is not donating to the Lame Cherry, what is my concern. No one cares a baby calf ended up dead again for absolutely no reason this past week and I have been having a rough time of it, so what is the point in several million people being affected in death, power outages, sleepless nights and all of those non donors busy trying to crawl into some Missouri cavern, as people in Missouri just live for the day in more Californictors for Clinton turning their bean fields into peodophile plazas.

It has been proven that time lines change, in they can be affected and altered by the Lame Cherry on the human scale. I wonder now about other such events in the possibilities. If I knew more first hand raw data, I would be more effective, but then that is about affording bandwidth.

I smile at that, as for all the wealthy people who steal from this blog constantly and mock this blog, would it not be just a God given reckoning in their city will go ground zero and they will be ashes to ashes. Now for that I think I would splurge in a red beer with big olives with TL and enjoy envisioning pissing on their smouldering ashes.

Ain't that a pisser eh.

Should I move to save a US city from being obliterated? But what if I did that, and it charged the time line, and it was your fair sodomite city and county which was the secondary target eh? Oh the joys of being God eh or perhaps your Solomon, in I save one non donor and it ground zeroes another non donor, who never thought ahead.

Perhaps if an Irish Setter were involved, but I would have to inquire. I do like Irish Setters, more than perch fishing......but I hate Golden Setter breeders as they charge too much in gouging people. Such things to contemplate.

I was going to just write in perch fishing, but then I started saving Donald Trump again. It certainly would be more relaxing with my feet up, my beloved binoculars in hand, just waiting for the flash or the smoke pillar like Father Abraham did with Sodom.

I must think about keeping Mr. Trump and his family safe as I do not know the city Dick Allgire is viewing. Perhaps Angels escorting him and the Mrs out, as I did always want to hunt ducks in New York the way the colonists did back in the day........but I still do not have my muzzle loading shotgun or my Irish Setter to puddle around in the shallows.

Maybe I should work in Angels for the Trumps and shield the setters, and then the puppies being orphaned, they could come and live with me.

Time to go take a peek at Mr. Allgire if I can locate a text source, along with inquiry.

Private conversation ceases.

Oh my dear Cherry with my coat so red
I am Setter in need of you
So please off my master dead

Oh dear Irish Setter so very true
Offing masters said
I will see what God blesses me to do