Friday, August 19, 2016

David John Oates Reversals: Cruz, Clinton, Obama, Stein

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For those who think Ted Cruz is mano, Cruz has a bit of an eye opening expression for himself in calling himself a PUSSY...........and the eye opener of image Obama reveals that it DOES NOT CARE about ISIS terrorism and conflict.
In addition, when Hillary had her brain freeze, she almost broke down emotionally in tears as it was so traumatic for her.

Ted Cruz: defend freedom - I'm the pussy

Hillary Clinton: keep talking - cry away (this was the Hillary brain freeze and she was shattered inside as she could not handle it.)

Hillary Clinton: on her transparency - I kill the suckers

Hillary Clinton: on Bill winning nomination - This is MY year

Jill Stein: progressive agenda - They're all stupid

Jill Stein: on Obama nuclear war - You're a villain

image Obama: 400 million dollar ransom - Approach the Nazis

image Obama: on Iran money - You mastered that

image Obama: on ISIS - So what, you're forcing their struggle (image Obama does not care what ISIS does. The "so what" is loud and sadistic.)

image Obama: open on the 400 million to Iran - should build a sign

Donald Trump: on America - I will build America and bully that little faggot. (Obama is a faggot.)

Donald Trump: Muslim immigrants - Damn him (Obama) they use us!

Donald Trump: Founder of ISIS is Obama and Hillary - You're a Nazi