Friday, August 19, 2016

Donald Trump, the People's President in Louisiana

All politics aside, after the attacks made on the Bush's over hurricanes and the excuses for Obama, I am so proud of Americans at this moment and the Great American of Donald Trump, for going into the riot torn Milwaukee Wisconsin ghettos to comfort black families and now having compassion on the flood ravaged Citizens of Louisiana.

For most of you, you will not know what Louisiana is, for it is still the same place of Andrew Jackson in the heritage which fought the Battle of New Orleans. Louisianans are a mixture of Southern Aristocracy, Creole from the West Indies, former Slaves, Crackers and the Coon Ass. I use the last term with affection as it is local in the Coon Ass is what the Cajun is and it speaks to the French heritage of the wild spirits which survived in that region in exile from British Canada.

For Donald Trump to appear in Louisiana, while this mix of Republicans and Democrats were ravaged by storms is a God send, and I am so pleased that these distressed peoples welcomed him and Mike Pence. Let us say something frank though, in these were primarily white folks as Obama would term them, so the media has not given a damn about them, no more than the regime and Dame Hamrod, as was the case in New Orleans flooding which gave great media coverage for the poor blacks.

TL and I were discussing this issue this morning, and we noted that if you observe in all of the hardships in Louisiana, that there was not FEMA, there was not National Guard, there was absolutely nothing of state and federal help, as most states find out when in a bind in this  Obama regime. What took place in Louisiana were the citizens of sovereign Louisiana, joining together, taking out their boats, watching over their neighbors, helping each other, caring for each other, and saving each other, in what those Duck Dynasty families are at their core about.

Louisiana proved that you do not need trillion dollar DC bureaucracies to sip wine while watching you drink shit water. States like Louisiana with their oil, tourism, farming and hunting revenues should be keeping those moneys to rainy day funds so they can save themselves, as this was not some FEMA gas pump filling those john boats up, it was people using their own money to save Americans.

So the Lame Cherry is extremely proud of Louisianans in their fine heritage as Americans. The Lame Cherry is extremely proud of Donald Trump in going to these Americans and showing he cares, doing what he can, and Mr. Trump will remember this when he goes to the White House in making things right for these people, and when Milwaukee happens or Baton Rouge happens, in new locations, Americans will know that President Trump is not sick like Hillary Clinton in having to phone it in, or does not give a damn and goes golfing like image Obama as he tries to make it into a discrimination issue.

Donald Trump is an American by the people, Donald Trump is an American of the people and Donald Trump is an American for the people, and we can witness that even the Washington Post stopped being Jeff Bezos toxic political and gave him credit in being in Louisiana and with Louisianans.

God bless you Louisiana, God bless you America and God bless you Donald Trump 

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