Monday, August 8, 2016

Double DeCap NYC824

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have made an oversight. You remember when the Enterprise was thrown back in time to earth and they beamed up that Air Force pilot to save him, and Spock said that the flap did not make any significant contributions to history, so it was okie doke for Capt. Kirk to just make the flier disappear..........and then Spock did a search and the pilots kid went to Mars that was the oversight?

Well even if you do not, this is like that in the NYC824 event. See I have been so focused on keeping Donald Trump and his family safe, that I completely overlooked something in the details of this plot.

OK I will explain, in no I did not miss that this H bomb plot based on Dick Allgire's grooving the time line for it to happen earlier than it should the way, Dick, stop hedging your bets on the remote viewing with the children. Just admit that there is a God in Heaven who can change time lines. So stop saying this is some meteor now or maybe in September. You saw the time line right as it was initiated by the lords and priests for you to lock on, as you were seeing the event you generated. Now the event is transforming to the real event which was missiles and at this point a domestic H bomb made with Asian uranium.
So man up Dick or change your name to Richie as you do the RV well, but Dick you are just a viewer, not a time lord.

Now here is what interests me, in I did not miss:

This event is to hide all the Obama conglomerate looting of America at 19 trillion dollars.

This event is to get rid of Donald Trump.

This event is to start World War.

I did not think of something though and that is what I missed, and once I add this, you will say, "Oh wow Lame Cherry right again as this is all so simple".

There is a primary target in this which I never considered, but it makes sense as I wrote of this in why Joe Biden was being fawned over at the DNC. That convention was meant to injure Hillary Clinton, as all of this has always been about is image Obama protecting the legacy, and installing the puppet the regime has chosen.

By this time the lights have gone off in some of you, in the primary target in the NYC824 is Hamrod Clinton.

Let that all soak in, as I explain and you will smile at the cartel with the Obama regime as this makes 9 11 look like fucktards having sex.

What kind of moxy does it take not to just blow John Kennedy's head off, but to decapitate both political parties in America on one night. Massive sorrow and shock, and out comes the image blaming handguns  and saying, "Well it looks like Joe Biden is the nominee and Poco is the VP as Tim Kaine is either ashes with Hamrod or the creepy neocon no one wants, so as I have declared Martial Law until the election.......which has doper Johnson, bitchy Jill and whoever Bill Kristol has ejaculated on this week, looks like it is President Joe Biden.

Oh by the way, too bad all the investment records are gone, along with all American debt, you are all now poor, but we did find a KGB secret decoder ring at ground zero, so nuclear war in Europe starts in the morning".

I mean if this was not so heinous, the Alt Right would call this shit lord magna cum turd, in it is thorough and just so perfect. Crimes like this are just beyond even crimes in you just have to worship at something so constructed.

OK as the time line has changed and might be changing as I type this, and might have changed by the time this posts on Monday. We though have to be adult in weighing this as it is not like I have a million donors from New York City or a junta of fag billionaires donating, so NYC having a dust up really has no personal interest, as what are half a million fertilizer tabs once human to me.
I figure I keep Donald Trump safe and the fam.......sounds like good policy.

Then again, we have there is no interest there, but Hamrod is a weak link, while in the turmoil of the Ashy Knoll, old scramble brains Biden with a great deal of regime voter intimidation and vote fraud in these "perilous times" just might get plugs to the White House.

Again that is odds and chances, which Donald Trump could win over, but there is this thing about Irish Setters, and now Russians........well my pet Slavic babies in this Obama war would be fought on their lands and I just can not have that.

So I suppose this will have to be tracked and to see about Gotham, as Hamrod going tits up is almost a positive in this.

For some reason I think of 500,000 New Yorkers, and then of course those 400,000 Syrians all dead from Obama Clinton policies and people talk about them like so much lint. 500,000 New Yorkers and 1 LaVoy Finicum and Obama voters cheered about his murder.
It is like Spock stated on Star Trek, in how the human mind deals with the numbers of tallying up the importance of death.

I will assume that this should be enough fanfare in the time line being prematurely generated for the decapitation of both American political parties in an intrigue which would have delighted even Caligula.

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