Thursday, August 25, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I found these facts on Hillary Clinton..........and she is proud of them.

As Senator, with John McCain, the two had a vodka drinking fight..........Hillary Clinton won with 4 shots as John McCain passed out apparently.

I guess now we know why she falls down a lot.

Mrs. Clinton had a ghost friend in the White House, she talked to Eleanor least in her mind.

Hillary won a Welfare Grammy for It takes a Village gone talkie.

Hamrod tried to join the least in her mind.

Hillary was named after Sir Edmund Hillary.............two years before he became famous.

Mrs. Clinton appeared on Quiz Bowl, a television program......she apparently did not win.

Hillary Rodham tried to deny President Nixon his rights.......she was fired.

Hillary Rodham says she left college to work in a salmon canning factory in Alaska, and did not after college work on Bill's dick, but appeared with Bill after being fired for playing with fish.

Hillary Clinton's fingerprints are the only First Lady's on file with the FBI.

Hillary Clinton has not driven a car for 20 years.

Hamrod's first legal case was for a canning company being sued by a customer who found a rat's ass in the beans.

Hillary Clinton started out a Republican..........she is still a Neocon.

Hillary Clinton flew 1 million miles in 4 years, was in 112 nations and broke all State Department records.

Hillary Clinton is the only first lady subpoenaed by the FBI and investigated by the FBI..........several times.

Hillary Rodham was President before. She was President of the Fabian Fan Club in her school.

Tabasco  is food group to Mrs. Clinton. She eats it on everything.

Bill Clinton's mother thought that Bill could do better.

Nuff Said