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Hillary Clinton's Vampyra Treatments

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For those who will dismiss the following exclusive in Lame Cherry matter anti matter, the root source of this story is Peter Thiel, the sodomite billionaire who spoke at the GOP convention, the Daily Mail, Forbes, Daily Beast and Tech Eye. None of which can be disclaimed as National Enquirer sensationalism.

It is accepted fact now that Hillary Clinton is an old woman who has aged beyond her years, and while most people are accepting of the fact that Mrs. Clinton is on numerous medications in an attempt to deal with her maladies, there is something else which has been taking place with Mrs. Clinton.

First the disclaimer in inquiry points to Peter Thiel's research into this, has no connection with Mrs. Clinton, but what is scientific Thiel research in public, is the basis of what is taking place in other not public operations for the elite.

None of this is only Silicon Valley centered, as it is being studied in China also.

Peter Thiel Isn't the First to Think Young People's Blood ...

Peter Thiel Isn't the First to Think Young People's Blood Will Make Him Immortal. ... the practice of using blood transfusions from young people to promote ...

The scientific name for this is PARAIOSIS or the joining. and it first began in the 1920's with a Russian researcher named Dr. Alexander Bogdanov, who was his own clinical guinea pig.

Young blood antiaging trial raises questions | Science | AAAS

... so-called parabiosis studies, ... Karmazin was also intrigued by the story of a Russian ... View our related Science in the Classroom annotated research paper on ...

Russian physician named Alexander Bogdanov, who in the 1920s gave himself infusions of young human blood that he claimed boosted his energy level and bestowed a more youthful appearance. There are “overwhelming data” suggesting that young plasma will be beneficial to people, Karmazin says.

Inquiry points to Mrs. Clinton has been making mysterious trips to California which had no explanation as they were secret.This is not the original Bloodworth Thomasen Junkets for witchcraft, but a different sojourn, with treatments continued in New York at her home.  As one can deduce from Huma Abedin emails, Mrs. Clinton was in severe mental disorder in 2013, and then the trips to California began, and now one sees this semi rejuvenated Mrs. Clinton.

Inquiry states it is Mrs. Clinton, along with Bill, receiving a Vampyra Cocktail. This cocktail is off market and comprised of Planned Parenthood aborticide blood, select Caucasian children and a steady supply of Mexican children imported into America, along with the Clinton blood.
Inquiry states that the blood samples will degenerate after 24 "clones" and new supply is then necessary.
Inquiry states that this is not an infusion, but a complete transfusion in the blood is in dialysis cleansed, and then replaced with the new Vampyra Cocktail every 21 days.

Heterochronic parabiosis model in aging and stem cell research

Heterochronic parabiosis - joining two animals of different age - is used in stem cell and aging research for the last few decades. Very. Home; about; contact;

Your Body Is Younger Than You Think - The New York Times

Your Body Is Younger Than You Think. ... last only five days. The red blood cells, ... is recycled every two weeks or so.

This is unmasking the elite in the measures they are involved in to suck the life blood out of others in order to extend their lives. No one has yet asked the question of how a woman ready for the bone pile in 2013, suddenly rejuvenated to this cancer tongued, sometimes falling, brain freezing pariah, when every other person, except of course the elite like David Rockefeller in endless heart transplants and the lovely Ruth Ginsburg getting better after pancreatic cancer which kills all the lesser mortals, somehow got better, instead of becoming  a vegetable in bed.

Now you have the information which all connects in Planned Parenthood was vehemently defended for illegally selling human body parts and blood "for research", and we know that the elite are sucking up stem cell for their own infusions. We know that globally, Peter Thiel, is part of a group which is testing proven Russian research in rejuvenation. We know Hillary Clinton was a veg head and got better, and Bill looks like he should have died a year ago. This is not Bayer giving them a pharmaceutical, but the source rests in Vampyra Cocktails.

Do you really think that the underworld of this in dead baby blood, harvested White children, sucked dry Mexican children, is something the elite have a right to in harvesting blood for their own life rejuvenation, as it is your children being cannibalized.

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